Also an Estonian variant of Kaarel:
My name is Karel and it is pronounced Kah-relle (emphasis on the second syllable). Research has shown me as a woman's name it means 'woman of strength, joyful song'. Some people do pronounce it as "Carol", ergo the meaning "joyful song - as in a Christmas Carol". The strength aspect comes from it also being a man's name - meaning "Strong Man".
Karel Abraham is a Czech motorcycle racer, currently racing in MotoGP.
Hi! I help a "special" first grader in Ohio who has the name Corell. I showed him this, and all he had to say is, "I am not a nerd!" He thinks his name means "I'm an artist." He just got an award for his drawings of trucks today at school.(05/25/2016).
Karel Appel (1921-2006) was a Dutch abstract painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, designer and writer, regarded as the most powerful of the post-war generation of Dutch artists.
This name is also used in Limburgish. The Limburgish pronunciation is the same as the Dutch pronunciation.
Filmmaker Karel Reisz is a famous bearer. He directed movies as "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning", "Isadora" or "The French Lieutenant's Woman".
Famous Bearer: Karel Capek, a Czech playwright who coined the term "robot" in his play Rossum's Universal Robots.
A famous bearer is Karel Èapek, my dear author. His works are for example "War With the Newts", "How it is Made", "Krakatit", "Stories from a Pocke"t and many others.
Famous bearers - Karel Roden and Karel Gott.
Karel is the swordsmaster with the title of Sword Demon in Fire Emblem by Nintendo.
Karel is often used as a masculine name, but can also be used as a feminine name. Some feminine forms include: Karel, Karelle, Karèle, Karrelle, Karelle etc.
Pronounced: KAH-R-ÈLLE (French) or KUH-RZ-ÈLLE (Czech) or KA-R-ULL (English).
The Czech pronunciation given above is incorrect. It should be "KAH-rel." [noted -ed]

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