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Y'all are freaking out over this being a masculine name and yes, it sure is in English speaking worlds, but keep in mind this is a West Armenian name. In Armenia this is a boy's name so don't take your English self straight to screaming about this, which y'all have done.
Personally, I don't like the name Karen but I think it's not too bad in this sense.
picajay  3/17/2019
There is no point of making a version of the name Karen that is labeled MASCULINE. Karen is a female name and it’s going to get judged for being a feminine name. Karen is not the worst name for a boy, but I prefer it as a girl’s name.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2018
For a girl I like many of the variations.
SEC908  10/25/2012
Karen > from Hebrew "Keren" Rays (as in Rays of Light).
yshuasfool  1/30/2011
In Armenian, the name “KAR” is masculine. Kar HAYKAZUNI, 1289-1285 Before Common Era, King of Armenia (in the Hittite accounts is mentioned as Karanni, 14th century B.C.E.).

In Armenian, the name “KAREN” is masculine and its origin has two roots.
--- The first root: the masculine given Armenian name “Karen” is formed from “Kar”, which is the given name of King of Armenia - Kar HAYKAZUNI (1289-1285 Before Common Era).
[*Haykazuni dynasty (2492 / 2107 - 331 Before Common Era) - (Haykazian, Haykides) - The first dynasty of Patriarchs, Lords and Kings of Armenia.]

--- The second root: in Armenian, the origin of masculine name “Karen” lies in Parthian/Persian name “Karen”.

In Armenia the masculine given name “Karen” is associated with “Elephant” (wise and battle/fighting elephant) or “Commander/Military leader” [adalid/caudillo (Spanish) – heerführer/ feldherr (German) – général/stratège (French) – condottiero/stratega (Italian)].
(Eastern Armenian pronunciation: “Garen”)

In Armenia the masculine given name “Karekin” is associated with “The Fire of Holy/Sacred Knowledge”.
(Eastern Armenian pronunciation:“Garegin”)
kar  10/24/2008
Could this possibly be confused with "Karayan", which is a current Armenian name which means 'the dark one'? It should be noted that Karayan is the masculine version of 'Karyan', another Armenian name, but I have encountered a male Karyan and heard of a female Karayan, so they may be both masculine and feminine.
― Anonymous User  2/22/2006

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