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'Kare' means square in Turkish and it sounds really weird to me. But meaning is cute.
Ainsley Tzivya  5/26/2019
I might name a pet this; not a daughter. It's cute, but it's almost too cute for a human. You know, one of those names that, when they're a baby, would make everyone go "Aww!" but would border on derogatory for an adult. Although... it probably won't matter if you don't expect your daughter to associate with any Esperanto-speakers.

One thing I that makes this name seem ugly to me is the way it would be pronounced in Japanese: "Kare shinda." Meaning "He died." Again, this would not be a problem if you don't expect your daughter (or pet or whoever) to meet any Japanese-speakers.
Aurora Lynn  9/2/2010
What a lovely meaning! Now by what standards you caress a person.
Kerules  12/27/2009
Pronounced Kah-ruh-SIN-duh.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2007
Karesinda means "Worthy of a caress" and is a Esperanto word. I'm a breeder of papillon and use the word as my breeders name: kennel Karesinda. As I want the utmost caress and love for my dogs, I think Karesinda is a very good, and universal, kennel name!
irenegalaen  8/5/2005

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