I went to school with a Kari she was in my class we were best friends up until junior high. She pronounced it as Carrie I had yet to meet another Kari until well after I graduated. A classmate of my younger sister's name was Kari who pronounced it as Car ee.
I don't like this name or its spelling.
Kari is my name. I pronounce it Car-ee. I get called Carrie all the time. I hate the name Carrie Kari is a unique name and I love it.
The name of my first D&D character.
I love my name. It is pronounced like Kare-ee, though I have sometimes wished it was Kahr-ee. In America, most people say Kare-ee, though I respond to both! I think it is special if your daughter is part Norwegian. I recently visited Norway and ancestral villages and it was so meaningful to me that my name is spelled this way, and people I met really liked it. I personally have never been teased because it sounds like other words, though sometimes in soccer, when the coach would yell "Carry, carry the ball!" I would get confused, haha.
In Norway, Kari is a popular female name. This name is a diminutive of Katharine, meaning "pure". The corresponding Swedish and German name is Karin. In Iceland and Faroe Islands, Kári is a male name, based on a Scandinavian god of wind of the same name.
Kari Ann Peniche Williams is an actress and entertainer from Fairview, Oregon. She has held the Miss Oregon Teen USA and Miss United States Teen titles. She was stripped of the latter title after appearing nude in the November 2004 issue of Playboy magazine.
I love this name, of course it's my name.. But when I was younger I got teased a lot because it rhymes with everything, haha.
Kari was very popular in Norway in the 1930s and '40s. It ranked at #7 in 1935, #4 in 1940 (behind Anne, Bjørg and Inger) and in 1945 (behind Anne, Inger and Marit), #5 in 1950 (behind Anne, Inger, Marit and Torill), 1955 (behind Anne, Inger, Bente, and Marit) and 1960 (behind Anne, Bente, Inger and Marit).
I love the name Kari. It's cute and pretty. :) I think of Kari from Digimon. Never was a huge fan of her, but that's who I think of. Her name was short for the Japanese name "Hikari" meaning "light". Overall, Kari is a neat name. :)
In Arabic Qari قَارِئ‎ (pronounced the same way) means "reader". Muslims often use this to describe someone who recites the Quran (their holy book).
Um, forget what I said about "Qari". It starts with a different letter and it's of different origin therefore its meaning is not the same for Kari. My apologies! :S
This is such a cute take on Carrie!
Kari is one of the characters on the popular Japanese manga TV series Digimon: Digital Monsters.
It's pronounced cah-ri, or kah-ri. I'm from Sweden but it's the same pronunciation in Norway.
KARI is a great name, it is my first name. But people can never say Kari right, I always get Carrie which I don't like. Kari rhymes with sorry.
I have always had it pronounced Car-ee or like someone else said, it rhymes with sorry! It is SO frustrating to seldom have anyone know how to pronounce it when you first meet, but even more frustrating when people don't even try!
Christian singer Kari Jobe bears this name. She is so talented and amazing!
Kari Sundgren is the enormously likeable main character of Susan Runholt's Kari and Lucas series (beginning with "The Mystery of the Third Lucretia").
My name is Kari Lea and when younger and I was told that it was to be pronounced "Car-ee Lay-a" I hated it because it was "different". So I have been stuck with Kari Lea (pronounced like Carrie Lee) for 47 years. If we only had hindsight. Now I would love to be called "Car-ee Lay-a". I love the name.
Kari Byron, from Mythbusters, has this name (though I think she pronounces it like 'Carrie'.) This is also the name of one of the girls from Digimon: Digital Monsters, and is taken from her original Japanese name, 'Hikari'.
My name is Kari and I love my name. Unlike some of the others with this name, you do say my name like "Carrie". Kari...Care-e!
This is my name, and many people pronounce it "Carrie" which I hate! The babysitter in the Incredibles has the same name, and she describes it best: "It's like Carrie, but with a K instead of a C an AH instead of an AY and one R instead of two and an I instead of an IE." Love it! And, Kari Whuer (sp?) says it the right way too. I was named this because my Great Aunt and father didn't think that Karina went with my middle name, Andrea, so they shortened it. Go figure.
A name similar to this is "Kairi" with an added "i", although it isn't pronounced the same. It can be pronounced KI-ree or CAR-ee.
Actress Kari Wuhrer bears this beautiful name.
Kari is the teenage babysitter in the animated film "The Incredibles."
Kari is a name that feels cute, adorable, friendly and strong. I prefer it over Katherine.
Voice-Over Actress Kari Wahlgren bears this name, and it's pronounced like "sorry."
My name is Kari and I don't see it spelled this way very often.
Kari is a very poplular name nowdays. I would love to have this name, it sounds vibrant.

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