I personally like the name Karlee but I would spell it Karlie. But from all the hate that people are commenting I think they are all wrong. You shouldn't be judged based on your name. If you love it, rock it. Your name was given to you for you to wear with pride.
Dislike the trendy ee’s.
Awful, trendy spelling.
My name is Karlee. Yes, it's odd I know but I love it. It is a combination of my mom's name, Karen, and my dad's middle name, Lee. There are things that I don't like- for example there aren't a lot of nicknames for Karlee, or people always misspell it. But I like being different. It's interesting and somewhat unique and I always get compliments on my name. So I don't believe my name is a "joke" and I don't think it's because of the U.S. being "so illiterate" and I guess my parents were being "kryativ" but I absolutely love my name.
Mm, it's a no from me.
The name Karlee was given to 367 girls born in the US in 2016.
My name is Karlee and though I don't love my name, I have to disagree with some of the other commenters’ opinions. The name itself isn't trashy or low-class. If others are making those assumptions based solely off of pronunciation then a lot of names would fall under those categories. Some examples would be Marley, Harley, Haley, Kaylie, and Bailey just to name a few. I agree with the others on the spelling aspect though. Use the common spelling of Carly; it will save your child from a lot of frustration. If you like the name though, use it.

Karlee is a name for someone who is creative, smart, and a total original!
I met a woman who was about 45 with this name (guess her parent were wanting to be kryativ) and it was just... WEIRD. This name is so cutesy and will not fit anyone past 17.
Karlee is incredibly trashy and sounds like the name of a bitchy cheerleader.
Since when is the U.S. suddenly so illiterate? And why must parents be so cruel to their children that they would place misspelled, trendy, undignified, meaningless names on them? This will only make your daughter look like she's from a low-class background and thus look undereducated, which is not what employers want to see in their offices. And trendy? This name will be out of vogue in less than two years and the child will have to carry this joke of a name for the rest of her life.

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