Looks like something a teen mother would name her kid. Yeah, maybe it sounds “cute” on a baby or toddler, but it won’t look good on an adult, would it? Not to mention the daughter of the annoying ‘Family Fizz’ vloggers, has this name. It just goes to show what type of people use this.
Ha! I love the name Karma! And for the people saying they would like to see a fictional character with the name Karma? There is one! You probably don't like Anime, but in a show/book series, one of the main protagonists name is Karma. He is cool And his name fits his personality perfectly.
With 25 372 bearers, Karma is the 5th most common given name in Bhutan (2014 Data). About 56% of bearers of this name are Male in Bhutan (2014 Data).

Chill name! Would like it more on a fictional character rather than on a real person. Would be cool if I met a Karma in real life though.
Karma is also Indian, Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Nepali, Filipino, Malay, and Indonesian.

Scripts: کرما (Urdu), कर्मा (Hindi), कर्मा (Marathi), कर्मा (Nepali), কর্মা (Bengali)

I like it for a book character, but in real life I feel there would be way too many Karma jokes, it's a shame because it's pretty but I would probably choose the name "Carmyn" over "Karma". Still a beautiful name either way.
I think Karma is a very nice name for either gender, although there may be "Karma is a bitch" jokes if the bearer lives in an English-speaking country.
My name is Karma. In my youth, adults assumed my name was Carmen (when they asked my name). I kinda disliked my name for a while. However, as an adult, I quite enjoy it. Yes, I get a ton of "Karma" jokes, but it is actually fun. It is a unique name & it is a great conversation starter.
The name Karma is cute and nice. I think that it should be spelled differently though. I think it suits a baby more than an adult. I only know of one Karma and it is a baby so that might be why I am saying that.
What? Why? A lot of people say the phrase "Karma is a... female dog., at least in English speaking countries. This is a terrible name to use if you are in an English speaking country.
Hah I love the name Karma. No one can call her the b word you know? Not only is it cute, it is sophisticated and has a cool meaning.
Family vloggers on YouTube, 'Family Fizz', named their third daughter Karma in July 2018.
I don't like the name. Who wants to name their kid after that?
It's a cool and fascinating name and I think a long and feminine name like Josephine and Gabrielle should be a perfect middle name to give it a posh feel. I feel like it's an interesting idea and can imagine a cute little girl named Karma. I may not use it but it sounds so pretty.

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