Karolina Żebrowska is a Polish Youtuber. Her videos focus on historical clothing.
Interesting spelling of Carolina. For a weird reason, I like it better than Carolina.
WORLDS better than "Carolina" lol.
Apparently also occasionally used in Czech: -- "Karolína (někdy také krátce Karolina, Karolin)"
This is my name and I'm from Mexico
My name with "k" just doesn't exist in my country. They always write it with "c" and think that when I put it with "k" it's for pleasure or joke.
Also used in Estonia:
That's my name! (I'm 21)It's a very VERY uncommon name in France, but I'm half Polish, hence my name, and in Poland, it's one of the most basic names ever.
Karolina (real name Karolina Goceva) is a Macedonian singer who represented her country in 2002 Eurovision and 2007 Eurovision. Her songs were "Od Nas Zavisi" in 2002 and "Mojot Svet" in 2007. She did not crack the Top 10 in 2002. She qualified for the semi final and yet again did not crack the Top 10 in 2007.
In Lithuania the name Karolina is pronounced with a short I (like the word in). But foreigners pronounce it as ee. Don't know why it's hard to others to pronounce it correctly in Lithuanian.
Karolina Dean, also briefly known as Lucy in the Sky, or L.S.D., is a fictional character, a superheroine appearing in American comic series "The Runaways" published by Marvel Comics.
Also Czech.
Also Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and Greek.
In Greek, it is written Καρολίνα. The Russian pronunciation is "kah-rah-LEE-nah".
Hungarian pronunciation: KAW-ro-li-naw.
My friend is named Karolina! She's Brazilian. I think it is such a beautiful name.
I knew a girl named Karolina in my first year of high-school and she said that in Poland it's pronounced like Caroline and she gets mad when people pronounce it with a at the end.
To the person above me, they pronounce it ka-raw-leena in poland not caroline.
I love this name. It looks so ethnically German, which I love. I love the pronunciation, it is also very unique. I picture a beautiful German girl or woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Karolina is pronounced Care-uh-lee-nuh.
This is my name and I love it because it's uncommon and beautiful it is traditional in my family because we are from Germany.
Also the Croatian form. Karola is another variant, however both names are less common nowadays. [noted -ed]
I like it with a C too.
Karolina Szafran, Polish graphic artist and illustrator.
It's very nice, and this spelling is better than "Carolina" in my opinion.
Blessed Karolina Kozkowna - Blessed in the Roman Catholic Church.
This is a sweet and pretty name!
Listen to the German pronunciation of Karolina here:
In Polish Karolina is pronounced kahr-o-LEE-nah.
It is pronounced as Kah-raw-LEE-nah.
Famous bearer: model Karolina Kurkova.
Right is Karolína Kurková, NOT Kurkova.
Latin - "The Strong One".

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