Such a weird spelling of Caroline!
Use Caroline or else.
The name Karoline was given to 92 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Karoline (1792-1873) was the daughter of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his first wife Marie.
Maria Karoline (1794-1795) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II and his wife Maria Teresa. She died young. Her younger sister Karoline (1795-1797) was named after her older deceased sister. She died young as well. Another Maria Karoline (1801-1832) was another child of them.
In Norway we pronounce this name kah-rro-LEE-neh. The r can be either like the French throat-r or the Spanish tounge-tip-r. But no English r, my friend, or you'll sound, well English.
I love the name Caroline, but only if it is spelled Karolyne. Yeah.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Karoline here:
The German pronunciation of this name is Kah-ro-lee-neh.

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