My name’s Karyn and it’s pronounced Car-in. I absolutely hate my name since people make fun of me for it. I know it shouldn’t but seeing the “ugly” comment made me mad. It’s not like we can control what our name is.
Oh god. Not Karen too.
This is a pretty, unique spelling of the name Karen. I like my name just fine, but I think I would like it more spelled this way!
Nicknames or short forms of Karyn could be Kare, Kary or Karebear.
My name is Karen and I think this spelling totally ruins it. It's better with an e.
This is my friend Hannah's middle name since her grandma's names were Karen and Corrine her parents combined them to make Kayrn, sadly she didn't know how to spell it until 2nd grade.
Karyn Parsons who played Hilary Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a famous bearer.
'80s and '90s R&B singer Karyn White bears this name.
This name is more unique when spelt with a y. Same with Lauren.
My name is Karyn and I think it sounds elegant and ethereally lovely. It is also pronounced KER-reen not exactly how you'd pronounce Karen so it's quite confusing and have to catch people on that mistake when pronouncing my name. When I was younger I thought it sounded too common and trivial, I almost hated it. But now, that I am 11 and have found the meaning of the name (which possibly means "pure maiden" in ancient Greek) I love it. It sounds better than Karen.
I think Karyn is a nice name. Karyn Aurelia or Karyn Ariadne sound very pretty to me.
This spelling of Karen is better and more original. It sounds different and more original too, it can be pronounced KAR-EE-IN. I think it's pretty.
Also spelt Caireann, Cairenn or Ciaran. In Irish Gaelic it means "little friend or little beloved."

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