There are some C names that looks good spelled with a K like Katherine, but Casey isn't one of them.
I actually think Casey, Kasey, Kacey, Kacie, Kasie, Kaycee, Kaci and other kri8tiv spellings of the name are all feminine to me. My name is Casey spelled C-A-S-E-Y, and I’m proud to say that I’m a girl. And no, not a boy. A lot of commenters from different websites including this website claim my name sounds so masculine and not remotely feminine even though I think it sounds so feminine. I absolutely love the name Casey on a girl, but it kinda sounds too feminine and very wimpy on a boy no matter the spelling. Casey sounds cute, elegant, delicate, beautiful for a girl, and Casey Anthony wouldn’t just set you off from naming your daughter Casey. The spelling Casey may look gender neutral but it sounds so girly, and I prefer this spelling of Casey, but I don’t hate all the other spellings. For all girls out there with this name, you gals are awesome. Your name stands out! You all should be proud for your names, even if you are a girl named Ryan! I know what I said about Casey being too wimpy for a boy, and I’m sorry, but I personally think Casey sounds better as a girl's name as opposed to a boy's name.
I have a friend name Kasey, I like the name because it's quirky and I like the spelling.
This is my name. And you know what? It's a terrific name. No, the spelling isn't 'kute' - it's just different. And it suits me just fine.
As for it suiting an old lady... I'm going to be just as awesome an old lady as I am a young one, thank you very much.
Oh, isn't this spelling so kute! It'll be especially adorable when little Kasey is an old woman, (or man- dear god I think that's even worse) wont it?
My name is Kasey and I love my name (I'm a girl). Sometimes people pronounce it like "Cassie" and that gets really annoying. A lot of times when I tell people my name they spell it with a "C". I think that this name is better for girls and "Casey" for boys.

But yeah, I really like my name. It's awesome.
Kasey Chambers (b 1976), Australian country singer.
I love the name for a guy, but I hate it on a girl. I don't like the "C" spelling at all for either gender.
Feminine form of Casey, Irish Gaelic, meaning brave.
Wrong on all counts. There is no "k" in Irish (or Scots) Gaelic except in words of foreign origin. There are several words for "brave" in Gaelic. "Casey" or "Kasey" is not one of them.
Kasey Rogers, American actress, born Imogene Rogers. Best known as the second Louise Tate on Bewitched and (as Laura Elliott) as the strangling victim in Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train.
Kasey Kahne drives the Dodge 9 car on NASCAR. He's a total babe, I tell you.
I can't see Kasey for a girl. I have a cousin named Kasey and people spell his name wrong a lot, especially in our family. We also call him Kase.
I kinda think Casey should be for a boy and Kasey should be for a girl. I have a freind named Kasey, and she gets tired of people spelling it with a C!

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