I think this is a beautiful name and I prefer to another nice name, Katherine. You could call her Kat or Rina for short.
Usages: Hungarian

Pronunciation: kah-TAH-ree-nah

Meaning: Variant form of KATALIN.

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Kind of unnatural, but this name sounds like cat arena to me.
The Ukrainian form of this name is Kataryna.
Katarina is also Russian, used alongside Katerina and as a short form of Yekaterina. In fact, this is my cousin's name.

Scripts: Катарина (Russian)

Russian Pronunciation: kə-tya-RYEE-nə.
This is my name and I have loved having it. My nickname as a child was Kitty which is still used but now my friends mostly call me Kat, my parents switch between it but I get impressed when people don’t say Katrina when they see my name for the first time. I always get compliments on the name because of how unique it is. I didn’t think it was an alternative for Katherine though.
A lovely alternative to the popular Katherine.
This is an elegant yet spicy alternative to the ubiquitous Katherine / Catherine. Kat and Kate (the latter from "The Taming of the Shrew") are both good nicknames, though I'm actually quite fond of Rina.
I am so grateful with my name "Katarina".
Katarina is the name of the protagonist of Otome Game no Hametsu Flag Shikanai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shite Shimatta (My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!), Katarina Claes.
A super beautiful alternative version of Katherine!
Also Maltese.
Also Sorbian: [noted -ed]
Also Greek and Swedish.
Katarina was a minor character from the anime Sailor Moon. She was a friend of Minako and an Interpol officer who took Minako under her wing while the latter was in London.
The name Katarina was given to 175 girls born in the US in 2015.
I've got to say I have always LOVED my name. I think it is so beautiful. I remember as a child watching figure skating competitions (it was my favourite sport as a child) and being so proud I shared a name with Katarina Witt. My parents are Finnish so technically they "should" have used Katariina. However, they always preferred the Swedish variant, and I am very happy about that as we eventually ended up in Canada and it was already uncommon enough to be a Katarina, let alone a Katariina. My parents rarely used a nickname for me, but when they did they called me Kata. My friends all call me Kat, which I don't mind, but I'll be honest...I always introduce myself as Katarina because why butcher such a lovely name? The biggest issue I had with this name growing up was that people almost always called me Katrina on first meet... especially in school. To this day I still remember when a teacher would call out for Katrina and all my friends would interject with "it's KatArina!" lol.
The name Katarina was given to 137 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I like this. I know it's used in several countries, but I've always thought of it as a German name.
The first time I heard this name was in "10 Things I Hate About You," which I love to this day. I next heard it in the video game "Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat," which I played back when I was 12. In both cases, the bearer of the name was a strong, capable woman. In general, it's a beautiful name.
Katarina is a name of a character in "The Thief Lord" by Cornelia Funke. Everybody calls her Hornet because of her braid so it's hard to catch her real name since she doesn't want anyone to know.
I think Katarina is a great version of Katherine which is too popular. I pronounce it Kah-Tah-Re-Nah. The "r" sounds in French like the "vrrrroom" in car. I think this name is "fast-paced" and has a nice flow.
This is my cousins name and I think its really pretty, we call her Kat as her nickname, don't spell it with a "C".
I named my daughter after Katherine (which is pronounced Katarina) in the Shakespeare play The Taming Of The Shrew. Her dad wanted it to be spelled phonetically so people wouldn't say it wrong. I like it to because it sounds like it could come from almost any country. The most common mistake is people calling her Katrina though.
Very pretty name. But, sometimes when I hear myself saying it, it sounds like I'm saying, "Cat Arena."
Katarina is originally Greek - spread throughout Europe - common in Russia too. Uncommon in Germany. Catherine the Great's original name was Sophia.
Katarina's the name of one of my best friends. She's named after Katarina Witt, I think. Most people call her Kat. I love the name, though.
Hello! I think Katarina is one of the most beautiful names. I am from Slovenia and we use a lot of other short names for Katarina: Kaja, Katka, Katja, Katarinca (OK, this is not shorter it is just used for little girls). I am also called Katka but I prefer if people call me Katarina. I really love my name even if some of my friends say it is too long. But I like it. :)
I have a friend named Katarina, but is called Kasia (kah-sha). I love the name and think it is very pretty.
Katta is a common pet form in Sweden, but also Katti, Katri and such. Our versions of Kate I guess.
Katarina Witt (the W is pronounced like a V, so her last name sounds like Vitt)is a famous German figure skater who won 2 Olympics in a row.
This is the name of my best friend, who just so happens to also be one of my many cousins. Whenever I hear this name (which is not very often, by the way), I imagine a girl with brown hair with natural blonde highlights, honey brown eyes, and an impatient and funny personality. I agree with the first poster: this /is/ a lovely incarnation of Katherine, and should not be shortened at all.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Katarina here:
This is a lovely incarnate of Katherine!

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