Very pretty :)
noisynora  2/1/2021
Kateri Tekakwitha, a Catholic saint.
tangledeva  2/1/2021
I’ve heard it pronounced by English-speaking people as kah-tair-ee. My question is, why are people mad about this being pronounced like that? I understand the original pronunciation is Gah-Dow-Lee, but since there’s a K, T, and R sound in English, why can’t it be pronounced as such in English?
― Anonymous User  6/24/2020
I don’t really understand why people are getting mad that English-speaking people are pronouncing this “kah-ter-ree” instead of the authentic Mohawk pronunciation “Gah-Dow-Lee”. I don’t disagree that that’s how it’s pronounced, but can’t “kah-ter-tee” be the English pronunciation of this name, since we have a K, T, and R sound?
― Anonymous User  3/8/2020
I thank the posters who have provided the proper Mohawk pronunciation. However, I do not think non-Mohawk parents need to be faulted for using it in honor of the saint and pronouncing it otherwise. (Either Kat-er-i or Ka-TERRI, any more than St. Kateri herself needs to be faulted for taking a French name Catherine at her baptism and pronouncing it Goh-da-lee. If people were using Tekakwitha and butchering it, it seems like more of a problem.
thesnowwhiterose  3/8/2019
The reason I know this name is because it is the name of the patron saint of my school. It's very lovely and beautiful.
kayisforkeen  8/29/2018
Gah-da-lee Deh-gah-Gwee-tah is the correct pronunciation in the Mohawk language.
mikshell95  4/15/2018
The K in the Mohawk language is pronounced as a G, instead of a K, the T usually makes a D sound and R as L. The proper pronunciation is Gah-deh-lee. If you're not Mohawk and you're going to give your child a Mohawk name (I won't get into the politics of that), at least pronounce it right.
― Anonymous User  11/5/2016
The Mohawk form of Catherine. I think the original pronunciation is similar to the French pronunciation of Catherine, but I'm not certain of this.
thesnowwhiterose  1/2/2015
It's not just from history. I would say that the name is actually moderately popular among American Catholics naming their children for the saint.
thesnowwhiterose  1/2/2015
My niece works on the Mohawk Reservation in upstate NY. I spoke with her on Sunday, Dec.14, 2014. I mentioned to her about how I have been praying to St. Kateri, where she was from and when she was canonized. She immediately said to me that she knew about her, as it was the reservation's Saint. She corrected my pronunciation. The correct pronunciation is the Native American language pronounced phonetically: Gah - dah - lee.
pal3636  12/16/2014
Kateri Tekakwitha is no longer Blessed -- she was recently canonized: St. Kateri Tekakwitha. I know several people with this name, and they all pronounce it differently:
-- kah-TEER-ee (I've been to the Shrine of the North American Martyrs in Auriesville, NY many times, which commemorates St. Kateri [among others], and it does seem that kah-TEER-ee is their preferred pronunciation)
-- KAH-ter-ee
-- kah-TEHR-ee
-- GOD-ah-lee (The parents of the girl with the GOD-ah-lee pronunciation [spelled Kateri] met a Native American woman with this name, who told them that GOD-ah-lee is the authentic Native American pronunciation)

The girls and women I know with this name range in age from newborn to middle-aged.
traleerose  12/15/2012
My daughter is named this and we pronounce it ka-TEER-ee. When we went to the shrine of Bl. Kateri in Auriesville NY that is how people were saying it, so that is what we stuck with.
kateri17  2/4/2010
Supposedly means "eye of the sun."
LMS  11/23/2008
Really? I was thinking that KAT-er-ee would make sense because it's kind of like Katherine.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2008
I have a cousin with this name and she pronounces it Kuh-terry.
jazzbunnie  11/13/2007
What is that, four different pronunciations of Kateri - and none of them particularly similar to mine? I nearly had her as my confirmation saint (I am fully aware she isn't actually a saint), and was thinking it was more like "kuh-terry", with an emphasis on the 'ter'.
aqualime  11/1/2007
I only like this name becasue it's close to one of my personal favorites: Katari. I pronounce it ka-TAR-ie.
stormy_lovegood  2/18/2007
The only Kateri I've ever known pronounced her name like KAY-ter-ee.
NurseMom75  11/10/2006
I've only heard Kateri pronounced kuh-TEAR-ee.
ekatz7  8/2/2006
From what I've found out online, the proper Mohawk pronunciation of this name is gah-dah-LEE.
Randee15  4/27/2006

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