Good gosh this name is so pretty!
Very pretty!
Love it! I love Catherine as well but this one I think is less common and I love the spelling of it! It sounds exotic and very pretty at the same time. Some other names for it/nicknames are Kat, Cat, Kattie, Cattie, Katia, Katrina, Katya, Kitti, Kassie, Cassie.
Usages: Albanian [noted -ed]

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Reminds me of a cat but it's really pretty!
This is a lot better than Katherine.
Usages: Hungarian

Pronunciation: kah-TEH-ree-nah

Meaning: Variant form of KATALIN.

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A lovely twist on Katherine/Catherine!
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
Super pretty.
Also Maltese:, _Valletta.
Katerina Ivanovna is a character from The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky. She has a major role in the plot.
My name's Katerina. The nickname Kat works amazing for me! It sounds like " KAH TE RI NA" :)
Katerina is also the name of Katerina Kitty Cat on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood kids show.
Also Lithuanian.
Birth name of Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova) in The Vampire Diaries.
Katerina Georgiadou is a former Miss Greece and fashion model who has appeared in numerous fashion magazines and international events. Georgiadou currently lives in Argyroupoli. She studied classical ballet and gymnastics for 8 years at the University of Gymnastics in Athens. Upon becoming engaged to Stathis Tavlaridis in 2007, it was announced that she was to give up modeling, and in 2009 the couple was married. They have a daughter named Anastasia.
The name Katerina was given to 216 girls born in the US in 2015.
Katerina Stikoudi is a Greek former model, singer and occasional television presenter who won the 2005 title "Miss Hellas" (Miss Ελλάς) at the Miss Star Hellas pageant and had the chance to represent Greece at the Miss World pageant.
My name is Katerina as well. It is rather annoying when a teacher calls my name on roll call and they call me Katrina. It is Kat-er-ee-na, not Ka-tree-na. Then my parents tease me and call me a hurricane and all. Otherwise, this is a great name with many nicknames. My friends call me KitKat, Kittycat, Kitty, Kittens, and even Kat. Not only that, but Katerina translates to pure, like Kathrynn. That is why I love my name.
My name, Katria, is also a variant of Katerina. I have heard the name used by Ukrainians and Russians, alike. The Ukrainian spelling of Katria is Катр'я; I assume the Russian spelling is not much different.
This is my name, and I don't know why but when people read it they often pronounce it like KA - TREE - NA. It gets very frustrating.
I love just about every form of Catherine. Yekaterina, Ekaterina, Catherina, Katrina, and every other one. Just not this one or Catalina.
Katerina "Kat" Graham is a Swiss-born American actress, model, singer, and dancer. She is best known for her role of Bonnie Bennett on the TV series The Vampire Diaries.
My name. I pronounce it Kat-eh-REE-na, and it's an all right sort of name. It's got that foreignness factor down, and people are always calling me Katrina, which is annoying. I go by Katerina, Kateroula with family. I've tried to go by Kiki and Katie, but most people refuse to "bastardize" my "beautiful, exotic" name, so I've stopped trying. At least it works with my last name, which is long and multisyballic and even more foreign sounding than Katerina.
The name Katerina was given to 154 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
This is my friend's name and I think it is a lovely name. It's delicate yet exotic. I imagine a brunette girl with this name mainly from Eastern Europe which is its origin.
I love the name Katerina. It's different and unique and very pretty. The girl could go by Kate, Rina, Kathy, Katie but I think Katerina is beautiful by itself.
Love this name! It's exotic and mysterious and also cool nickname "Kat" I love it! It's so pretty and sounds unique and rare :) would use it for my daughter.
Katerina Petrova is the birth name of Katherine Pierce, a character from The Vampire Diaries TV series.
I love this name! It's so unique and sounds exotic. I think it sounds like a funloving girl and is modern and also can be classic for an older girl too.
This is my name, but I go by Katie. I never really liked it, but I suppose it's better than other names that were popular when I was born. I'm glad it's not really trendy and isn't as plain as Katherine-- it definitely gives it a more ethnic twist.
This is my name and people often say how much they like it. It is pronounced Kah-te-rina. Less common than other forms of any of the Kathryn/Catherine etc. variations.
I am an Orthodox Christian and celebrate the Feast of Saint Katherine of Alexandria on the 25th of November. It is a good international name.
This name is so beautiful and much better than "Katherine".
This name is very common in Greece. Most popular pet forms: Ketee and Katia.
Pronounced as "Kah-TE-rzinah".
Pet forms: Katka, Katja, Kaczka, Katla, Rina.
It's used in Bulgaria too.
[noted -ed]
This is also the Bulgarian variant of "Catherine". "Katerina" is a widely spread name in Bulgaria.
This name is very common in orthodox Slavic states and also in Greece. It means "the immaculate one" or in Slavic "cista" or "precista".

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