Katie is a much better spelling.
This is my given name. I don't hate it. But I do wish people would check the spelling before sending me an email (which is why I began using "Kt" as shorthand in emails and at starbucks).

I like "Kate" as a nickname, but I'd never respond to it. The only thing that bugs me is that now, in university, there are so many girls who shorten their name to Katey/Katy/Katie from Catherine and the like and that doesn't give me many options but my surname... which I hate using without a prefix.
Hate it! Looks like a misspelled "Katie".
Kind of reminds me of the country town in Texas "Katy". I don't know if that's a good thing.
I love the spelling of this name! Much prettier than Katie!
This is my name as you can guess and I love it! I always like tricking my friends and teachers because they always spell my name wrong, except for my very best friends! I always have to tell somebody it's Katey not Katie! Even sometimes people even think Katey is short for something like Kaitlin. They are so wrong! This is my given name and I love it.
This is my name and I hate it. I have never had any teacher in school that has spelled it right. In 7th grade, I started going by "Kate", and people finally spelled my name right.
A famous bearer of this name is the actress Katey Sagal, whose real name is Catherine. It's a nice spelling, but I'm more familiar with Katie.

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