Pretty, but it sounds like this is an archaic spelling of "mirror" in my native language. I know both words are pronounced differently.
Also Croatian: [noted -ed]
Finnish name day November 25.
I can think about forms of Katherine that I like more, but still Katja has some charm that no other related name has. It is strong, short, yet youthful, subtle and feminine. I know a Katja, she's Polish, but I guess has also some foreign descent, like German maybe. It may sound tough, but it definitely doesn't lack in femininity.
Katja Moslehner is a former member of the pagan folk band Faun.
Katja is very rarely used in Poland and pronounced KAHT-yah.
Katja Ebstein is a German singer who represented Germany in 1970, 1971, and 1980, placing 3rd and 2nd respectively. She is noted as the most successful Eurovision singer without actually winning the contest itself.
Another bearer of this name is Katja Alexandra Thomsen Grien (January 31st 1982 - Montevideo), Uruguayan fashion model and 4th finalist at Miss World 2000.
As Caprice said, Katja is also used in Finland. It is rather common too, with over 18,000 occurrences (includes middle names) according to the Finnish Population Register Centre. Katja's name day is on 25th of November, same as other Finnish names related to Katherine. [noted -ed]
Katja Johanna Alice Nyberg is a naturalized Norwegian handball player, currently retired. She has played 99 games for the Norwegian national team.
My name is Katja and I think it is unique but also quite annoying because people cannot pronounce it right.
In my opinion, this name sounds very harsh and masculine even though it ends with an "a". I would never use it.
In what I've found, Katja means "pure." I like the name very much and would plan to name my daughter that someday.

I teach German so I want a German name that isn't too old (I think of my great grandma Olga from Germany...). Katja sounds cute and dainty. It's like the German form of Katie. I do worry how people would pronounce her name. I've seen it English-ized to "Katya" to aid pronunciation, but I don't want to lose the German roots.
I really like this name as a diminutive of Katherine or variants thereof. It is classy and sounds cool without being as common as Kate/Katie. User:Swallow1989 described the name perfectly.
Katjaa is an character who appears in season 1 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead episodic adventure video game.
Also a feminine name in Croatia.
It's used in the Netherlands as well.

A friend of mine bears this name and I like it. Especially because it had the Dutch word "kat" in it which means "cat".
Blunt and harsh sounding to me, almost masculine.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Katja here:
It's also used it Sweden and Finland. Pronounced like "cut ya".
Also spelled as "Katje" from what I've seen. Katja ("KAHT-ya") is also a Russian pet form of Katherine, with a somewhat different spelling. I like this name; it's a diminutive that actually retains some elegance and dignity of the original name, unlike "Cathy", "Christie" or "Candy", which are too "cutesy" and have become a little too common.
Katja is a popular name in Germany. It´s pronounced Kut-yah. It was especially popular in the 1980´s along with several other -ja ending names.

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