The name Katrina was given to 131 girls born in the US in 2020.
I think Katrina is very beautiful and I think that we should let go of the past and stop thinking about the hurricane. My mom's name is Katrina and I think it's very pretty. By the way, I don't think it's dated.
Katrina is a puma and fortune teller in the Animal Crossing video game series from Nintendo. Her fortunes can affect the player’s luck on that day.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this name. It’s decent, pretty and feminine. There are predictably many put off from using this name, and many young bearers teased, for one obvious reason and that is why I personally think we should stop giving hurricanes given names.
Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the States on this day 16 years ago. But even after all that time the majority of people still won't use the name. Katrina isn't going to harm anyone but I'm disgusted at the predudice that this name has. Katrina, like Enola is a historical name. Even though the name has a dark place in history, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't use it.
It’s tough not to think of the hurricane. Regardless, it seems a bit dated.
People need to stop associating this name with a hurricane, I personally like the name Katrina, but I wouldn't make fun of that person for having it, there are many more bad storms like Harvey, Laura, Dorian, etc.
Yeah, there’s the hurricane. This name is awful regardless.
Lmao my friend's name is Katrina and everyone makes hurricane jokes. It's hella annoying. But I think the name itself is very pretty!
Everyone associates the Hurricane with this name; even without the association, I still think this name is a bit off.
Very dated.
I think Katrina is an awesome name! I like it better than Katherine, and I don't personally associate the name with the hurricane. I love the nicknames Rina and Kat as well.
Good name, but somehow Katrina feels too harsh, something off about it. It's not good, not bad, just alright.
I think of the Hurricane.
The hurricane along with some personal associations ruined this name for me!
A really lovely name, it's a very strong and a interesting take on the name "Katherine". Though it's sad that the 2005 hurricane tarnished its reputation.
I have no idea why, but the 'tri' part of this name always makes me think of treacle.
Alright, I have no idea why everyone associates this name with a hurricane. Who even cares? Hurricane Katrina was in 2005, which is almost 16 years ago. Where I'm from, this name is wonderful. All of the Katrina's that I've met are amazing people. I'd gladly name a daughter Katrina.
I've always found it pretty. And as for the hurricane, it happened over a decade ago, so it's nothing to worry about anymore.
This name honestly isn’t even ugly. And Hurricane Katrina happened 15 years ago. I understand it’s very sad, but the name itself really isn’t that bad.
I think the Dutch pronunciation is much more prettier than the English pronunciation.
Not a fan at all. Just eeew!
Also used in Estonia:
My name is Katrina. I hated the name when I was growing up...I wanted to have a more common name like Kim, Chris, etc...and my parents promptly nicknamed me Tina when I was born. Not sure why they named me Katrina if they weren't going to use it. I love the name now but regrettably didn't use it much except for legal reasons. I think it is classy, and for the record I don't have blonde hair...I am a dark brunette.:)
My daughter's name is Katrina, and I hate how there is kind of a stigma that Katrina means you're snobby, spoiled, rude, etc. A name shouldn't define your personality.
I think it's the time to name your daughter Katrina since the hurricane isn't that relevant any more.
My grandma was named this wonderful name. She died of cancer when I was 9. I loved her name almost as much as I loved her.
When I hear this name, I always think about the hurricane :|
Katrina Pierson is an American Republican politician.
I am named Katrina and in my home town that name is also the name of an actress who had a scandal a few years ago and me being a child who wasn't that fond of internet yet and latest news, I was teased because of my name and I didn't know back then that the actress had a scandal and I didn't even know the actress so I just ignored the teasing until one day I was informed about the actress's scandal but instead of feeling anger I felt joy that a famous person was also named Katrina and I mean a lot of people make mistakes and plus, aside from the scandal that person had a lot of achievements. I really like the name Katrina and plus it rhymes with my last name and also it is a name picked by my mother.
I don't live in USA so I think it might be usable here.
My name is Katrina but I still like it. It is a unique name. Even though NO ONE would ever name their child Katrina because of Hurricane Katrina, I feel like once I grow up a bit more my friends will start teasing me about Hurricane Katrina starting again. Some people HATE the name just because of the storm but there is another meaning for Katrina. It means pure and it makes me feel quite happy. The name hopefully will become more popular and hopefully no one my age will get teased.
I was born on October 17, 1956 in Albuquerque. My dad, Fermin L. Pacheco Jr. named me after a famous singer and dancer, French-born Italian Caterina Valente. (My maternal grandfather was French Canadian.) Pretty Caterina often appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and spoke several languages. I've been called Kat and Trina, but I now use Kate. Thank you Daddy for thinking of me.
I named my diary Katrina growing up because I thought it was the most beautiful name for a friend. I also wanted the Katrina Ballerina doll growing up. I later named my daughter Katrina in 1990. I found meanings that mean "Dear to my heart" and "pure one." It is also a derivative of Kathleen which is my legal first name. I think it is timeless and feminine and a beautiful name. We also use the nickname Trina some of the time.
A horrible disgusting name. Makes me think of a short crabby woman with a grey shag.
Beautiful and classic. I like the name despite of the hurricane in 2005. Isaac, Andrew, and David are still popular after the hurricanes bearing these names struck so I see no problems with this name. It’s a great alternative for the more common “Katherine”. I guess that the reason why Katrina isn’t so popular after the hurricane is because it didn’t have a “biblical backup”: it’s not a biblical name, unlike Isaac, Andrew or David.
Vice Admiral Katrina "Kat" Cornwell, Starfleet flag officer and psychiatrist in the 2017 series 'Star Trek: Discovery'. She is portrayed by American actress Jayne Brook.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Katrina are female.
Also Finnish and Lithuanian.
Katrina Kaif is a British film actress and model. Primarily known for her work in Hindi films, Kaif has also appeared in Telugu and Malayalam films. In addition to being one of Bollywood's highest-paid actresses, she is considered one of India's most attractive celebrities by media.
It's an ok name. But it's pretty abstract.
My name is Katrina I have been teased all my life and been asked why did I kill all those people or if I was really mad they woild say here comes hurricane Katrina but I was born A) before the storm and B) I was named after my Aunt Katrina so it's not cool for people just to make fun of my parents for a natural disaster that they had no control over what its name was to be And yes I am blond and no I'm not your typical blond so people, Katrina is not a name for one "brand" of person.
It is also rarely used as Greek short of Katerina (Κατρινα)
As a Katrina, I personally love my name. No, it is not ghetto. No, it's not just a name for blondes. I find it to be pathetic that some are comparing the name or saying they'll never name their child Katrina, simply because of a terrible hurricane that happened 10 years ago!
For me, the name Katrina is pretty badass.
And to whoever thinks that all Katrina's are extremely rude, or snobby, think again. You're stereotyping a name that doesn't depict someone's personality.
The name Katrina was given to 215 girls born in the US in 2015.
I'm not a fan of the name.
Hi, my name is Katrina. My mom named me after the singer from the band, Katrina and the waves. Since I'm now 14 going on 15, I was just a little one when the devastating Hurricane Katrina hit hard. I remember when I was little I would always as my parents, "Why are they talking about me on TV?" For some reason when ever somebody mentions Hurricane Katrina I feel like I'm somewhat responsible for it even though I know it was an act of nature. I just feel sad because whenever the hurricane is talked about they'd say, "Katrina killed thousands of people" and it just makes me sad to think about my name in such a negative way. Even though thinking about Hurricane Katrina makes me sad, I would never ever consider changing my name! Katrina is a German name, the meaning behind the name is: Pure. To me Katrina is a beautiful name, and I'm not only saying that because I bear the name. I genuinely think it's a lovely name!
Katrina here... love my name. My parents didn't name me after a hurricane... someone gave a hurricane my same name. I don't know why they do that to our names. However, after 2 marriages and divorces, I've been called Hurricane Katrina more than once. It's all history and tragedy leaves scars on all of us! I'm so sorry for any and all suffering!
The name declined in popularity quickly after 2005, possibly because of a devastating hurricane that was given the name Katrina.
Cool name. Good thing is that it's not overused. Sounds playful and not so stern as Katherine or Katrin. For me the nicest contraction is Kat.
My name is Katrina. Growing up, I hated my name. It was uncommon and most of the girls were named Ashley or Brittany. I was always teased about my name, which made me hate it. Then people would call me Kat. Oh my, did I hate being called kat! After the hurricane, I got crap all the time about it, people at work or school called me hurricane for years. I get called Christina a lot, which pisses me off. There is no h or s in my name. Anyway, now I'm going to be 28 and I love that I have a unique name. I would hate to be a 50 year old Brittany, lol & I love the origins/meaning of my name. I live in Southern California, I have seriously met only 2-3 other Katrina's, I've never found my name in any gift shop and my entire family call me Trina. To the person who said all Katrina's are stuck up & the other who said it's a blonde name. You both couldn't be more wrong. I'm a fair skinned, brown haired, light brown eyed, completely not stuck up woman. :)
The name Katrina actually gained some popularity in the Louisiana area following the hurricane, contrary to what some might expect.
Hurricane Katrina was a destructive hurricane that hit Louisiana and Mississippi on August 29, 2005. It flooded about 80% of New Orleans. By the time I posted this comment, it was the costliest hurricane in the United States.As I saw in previous comments, some people wouldn't use the name Katrina because of the hurricane. However, despite the hurricane, I still like Katrina. I will probably use it.
Katrina Bowden (born 1988 in Wyckoff, New Jersey) is an American actress.
Katrina Hacker (born 1990 in New York City) is an American figure skater.
This is my name and I love it. I think it's a name that is feminine but has an edge to it that gives it strength. It also ages well. I think it would be silly not to use it just because of a natural disaster. This name seems to get that a lot even though there are many other heavily used names that have been used for natural disasters. I doubt it will be popular for a while, but it will make a comeback eventually. The one person who believes that this name is a "butchered" version of hers is wrong. It is a variation just like Catriona is a variation of Katherine.
My name is Katrina and not only was my first name on the 2005 Hurricane list, but also my last name Lee was the next name on the list. To see some comments that refer my name as the same as Adolf is a sad state in which society has sunk. How many other names such as Mary or Ivens are people saying not to name their child? It's crazy to even consider to think that people would think a name that I am proud to carry be something shameful. If you name your child Katrina you are not naming them after a Hurricane because contrary to some opinions here this name had importance long before the hurricane happened. My name is Katrina and I am PROUD of it!
I find it a very pretty name. The association with the hurricane will put some people off, but I still think it's just as usable as, say, Andrew or Nicole. My favorite nickname for it is Kari (KAR-ee).
Sorry, but because of Hurricane Katrina I will never name my daughter Katrina. It was a devastating disaster and it's horrible to give your child a name that could be associated with something like that. Adolf probably sounded nice to some parents before WWII. Some names die off for bigger, deeper reasons than they've become popular, and I think that is Katrina's fate.
If you live near the Gulf Coast and your name is Katrina, you're bound to get some mean looks. Naming your daughter after a natural disaster is a horrible thing to do. Just don't.
Pretty! For me, the hurricane thing is not a problem, it was so sad but it would never stop me from liking this name. It's a bit on the common side though.
I like this name despite the fact that a hurricane was named Katrina but it was random. Out of the blue a hurricane came they had to take a female K name and chose a pretty name: Katrine. And by coincidence it was very powerful. I like this name (though I prefer Katarina) but I wouldn't use it especially because I live in New Orleans.
Katrina Bowden (born September 19, 1988) is an American actress. She currently appears in the sitcom "30 Rock" as Cerie Xerox.
I think this is a really pretty name that's kind of exotic in my area, at least. It's one of those names that seems old, but not Grandma old, but old in a way that makes it seem like it has history, which is another reason to like it.
HATE THIS NAME! And this is not because of the Hurricane that has no influence over me for this name. It is mostly because I'm a Catriona (pronounced the same as Katrina) and this is just a butchered version of my name. I am constantly being mistaken for this name and it irritates me no end! Otherwise this is a pretty name but I would never EVER recommend it to anyone, if you wish to name a child this go for the better version of Catriona. :)
Despite Hurricane Katrina, I really love this name--I always had, but I was hesitant to use it for the name of a character in case readers would associate it with the hurricane. Maybe by the time my books are published (in the next ten years or so =P) people will have moved on. =)
I never liked this name. It always made me think of an airheaded cheerleader. Now Hurricane Katrina has made it worse. I don't expect future nurseries to have many Katrinas.
This remains a quite beautiful name, and people seem to like making a fuss about it. It's not like naming a child Kristallnacht, for heaven's sake! It's a very pretty name, and it is not terrible just because of a storm! I know I wasn't devastated by Hurricane Katrina, but the name is still a nice one.Maybe through the tragedy of a hurricane, the name will gain new meaning, giving tribute to the compassion of those who aided others after the storm.
Katrina Kaif is a huge Bollywood star. Her most recent movie is "Yuvvraaj".
Katrina is the stupidest, most idiotic name I've ever seen. Not because of the hurricane, but because 10 out 10 of the Katrinas that I have known are rude annoying think they're all that and think that they know everything. I think it's a dreadful name, no offense.
I would love to name a future daughter of mine Katrina. It is a very pretty name and here in the UK everybody will probably associate it with Katrina and the Waves, rather than Hurrican Katrina and I think that is a lovely association. Especially with the most well known songs of Katrina and the Waves being 'Walking on Sunshine' and 'Love shine a light', two very feel good songs.
I'm surprised no one's mentioned the book by Robert Louis Stevenson. The book is named after the character, Catriona MacGregor Drummond, who eventually marries the main character, David Balfour.
In Christopher Paolini's Inheritence Cycle, Katrina is Roran's--Eragon's cousin--fiancée.
I wanted to name my youngest daughter Katarina after the East German figure skater Katarina Witt. My wife did not go for that and so she was named Katrina. We call her Katie or Katie Bug or just Bug or Bugger. Katie was confused when she first started going to school because she did not realize Katie was short for Katrina ("That's my big name"). Now it is weird to hear a classmate or teacher call her Katrina because at home she has always been Katie.
While hurricane Katrina was devastating I think it unfair to hold the name in such low esteem. The GOVERNMENT does not name hurricanes. The World Meteorological Organization has 6 lists of names that are rotated annually. Naming of hurricanes took the place of using locations as it was easier to communicate information using a name. When a hurricane or typhoon is extremely powerful and does severe damage the name is retired and will not be used again. As such, no hurricane or similar storm will ever be named Katrina again. I hope the victims of this awful hurricane can one day recover and I hope others will soon find themselves able to hear the name Katrina and not associate it with destruction and disaster.
I personally think Katrina is a beautiful name. Despite the fact that a hurricane had to be named after it. I don't understand the reason behind labeling something like a hurricane with such a pretty name - or any for that matter. I wouldn't want my name to be associated with that of a disaster, much less a feminine name. Why not label disasters in a numerical sequence. Such as Roman Numerals, or something similar? It's sad and pathetic in my eyes that such events have to be labeled like they are. I don't think that anyone should hate the name Katrina because we have a government that for some strange reason decided - "Hey, let's call such a terrible event a pretty girl's name!" Maybe dislike it, but please, don't hate it.
I really don't think people should hate this name just because of a hurricane. There are many other names that are associated with catastrophic hurricanes. Allison, Floyd, Georges, Iris, Katrina, Keith, Lenny, and Michelle (all retired names, just to name a few). People still like these names and no one has a problem with them. So, please don't hate a name based on a hurricane.
Katrina is such a nice name, despite the hurricane. It's lovely.
Katrina Infield is the real name of British model Jordan.
A famous bearer of this name is rap artist Katrina Taylor, known simply as "Trina".
Katrina's the name of a character in Christopher Paolini's "Inheritance" trilogy.
This is a pretty name, and no one usually thinks of Hurricane Katrina when someone introduces themselves.
Speak for yourself. I always think of the hurricane when I hear this name. The hurricane and its horrific aftermath made me dislike the name, though I liked the name Katrina before.
Nicknames for Katrina can be: Katri, Kati, Kathy, Trina, Kiki, Keeks, and Kat.
While it's sad that a hurricane was named after such a beautiful name, I think that we must look past the bad times and move on without thinking of Hurricane Katrina whenever we hear the name Katrina. Only then can we say that we're truly healed from the damages left by the hurricane.
A girl I've known since sixth grade holds this name. After the hurricane she got teased about it a lot and even to this day people will come up to her asking things like "What did New Orleans ever do to you?" She even goes by Katie, but people still mess with her about it. None the less, I don't think it is any reason to not name a child Katrina.
If you don't like the name Katrina, why don't you hate the name 'Andrew' or 'Rita'? Those were both names of bad hurricanes. Hurricane Rita even hit New Orleans.
My own name being Katrina, I love it. But I think that even if my name weren't Katrina, I'd still love it. I think it's a great name. It's so unique, too. I've only met I think two other people with the name Katrina, ever. I think. I don't care if it's the same name as a hurricane, makes no difference to me. I go by the name Katrina, I don't have a short form, for the most part. A close friend of mine calls me "Katty," and another "Kat", but that's about the extent of it. I want other people to call me Kat though. Less of a mouthful than Katrina is. But anyway, point is, I think Katrina is a great name for anyone, and I love it. Case closed, in my opinion. :)About it being a blonde name, that's pretty funny, because I'm blonde. Blonde-ish, anyway. My hair's pretty much a light brown on the underside, but the top part of my hair is streaks of blonde, from ash to platinum, as the sun highlights it every summer. So I guess you could say I'm a blonde. Funny how these things work, isn't it?
I think Katrina is a beautiful name and can easily picture it on a mature woman just as I can also picture a mature woman named Christina, Carolina or Katarina.
It's an awesome name, it's on my list of names for girls if I have one. And I don't care if the GOVERNMENT decided to name a hurricane Katrina it's still pretty!
Katrina was used a lot more in the 1980's, probably due to the music group Katrina and the Waves.
This is my sister's name. My sisters and I all received somewhat uncommon names (that end in "a") and I think this one is the most common and prettiest (the other two are Veronica and Audra.) Of course, she was named after Katrina and the Waves, whose music was popular around the time she was born. She goes by the nickname "Trina" and as of late, more often "Trini."
I think this is a nice name, but I wouldn't name a daughter Katrina. Maybe Catriona.
My name is Katrina and I love my name! Katrina is definitely a blonde name. I read that once in a name book and I have to agree. Very pretty name for a girl!
I think the name Katrina is pretty but it reminds me of the hurricane. I live in the area were it hit and it DID NOT JUST HIT NEW ORLEANS it hit other states too. We still do not have houses and it is hurricane season again and every time I hear it I get chill bumps but I still like it a little bit. That doesn't mean I hate people named Katrina, my cousin's name is that.
I think that Katrina is a wonderful nickname. but do you really want to be 50 and be named Katrina? Name your kid Katherine or Kathleen and just call them Katrina. And then later on when they are older then can decide what they want to be called. Kathy, Kate, Kae, etc.And just because there was a hurrican named Katrina that's not really a reason not to name your child Katrina if you really like that name.
It reminds me of Hurricane Katrina, that's why I would never think of this name the same way ever again.
I think Katrina is a beautiful name!
Association with the hurricane will have put people off naming their daughters Katrina for a long time. But in about 15 years everybody will have moved on, and the name will be back in use. Why do hurricanes have names anyway?
Very pretty name, but considering the hurricane, I don't think there will be too many babies named Katrina in the future.
My name is Katrina (as I previously mentioned), and my teachers are CONSTANTLY pronouncing it wrong, or even calling me by the wrong name. One teacher pronounces it Kat-treen-uh, while 2 others call me Kathryn and Katelyn. It's Kah-treen-uh!
Katrina is a name I have always liked. It seems like a fun cheerful name.
I love Katrina, because it's my own name! It always made me think of mysterious people. I dunno why, but anyway, I go by Kit, so it is possible to get Kit from Katrina! ;)
I actually really like it, in spite of the hurricane.
Katrina is the evil twin of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
Katrina Van Tassel is the name of the female character/love of Ichabod Crane in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. (Played by Christina Ricci in the film Sleepy Hollow.)
I love this name, regardless of the hurricane.
Also, Katrina was a character in Christopher Paolini's "Inheritance Trilogy".
My name is Katrina, I used to hate my name because I didn't know anybody else who had my name but I really started to like it a couple of years ago. Also, to the person who would never name their daughter Katrina, I think it is truly understandable, but please don't hate us Katrinas because of that devastating hurricane.
A famous bearer would be the band "Katrina in the Waves", lead singer Katrina Leskanich.Katrina is actually my name, and if I could I would change it in a second. I am proud of my name though. My dad actually named me after Katrina and the Waves, and his friend nicknamed me "Katrina and the Waves" because I love to swim. I am actually the only person in my school out of like 700 others that have my name. It's kind of cool. And ya well I do get picked on and called Hurricane Katrina but it's not THAT annoying.
I went to Ireland and went to the Island Inis Moore which is the last place where Gaelic is still the main language. I stayed with a native there and when my friends and I asked how to say our names, I found out "Katrina" is said they exact same way - so it's ORIGINAL origin is actually Gaelic. Very cool!
I'm making a band and naming it Katrina when everything gets back to normal in New Orleans.
German origin meaning to purge or cleanse.
I will never name my child Katrina after that horrible hurricane.
How can you say that you will never name your daughter something just because mother nature struck? My daughter's name is Katrina and I think it is just as beautiful now as it was the day I picked it.
Katrina is a pretty name. I don't think anyone should disregard a name just because someone/thing else less desirable has that name.

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