Also Latvian and Yiddish.
Not only this is a name, but it is a name of a little village too. Katrine, Ontario, Canada. It is near North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
In Norwegian it's often pronounced kah-TREE-nə.
It's my name. I have always been a little ambivalant about it. In fact I used to resent it but it has rather grown on me. Now I quite like it. I have always heard that it means "pure" and "chaste".
The Dutch is pronunciation is kah-TREE-nuh or kah-TREEN. [noted -ed]
"Katrine" isn't a Polish name. Instead of this we use "Katarzyna" (with pet forms: Kasia, Kaœka, Katarzynka, Kasiunia, Kachna) only. [noted -ed]

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