Katsu was used as a girl's name back in the olden days. Based on some research that I've done (gathering names from passenger lists and US census data), Katsu was moderately popular in the late Edo period and in the 1st half of the Meiji period, though few had their names written as 勝 and many of them had theirs written in kana.This goes back to the fact that 2 syllable names were preferred at the time, more so before the Meiji period. Towards the 2nd half of the Meiji period and the Taishō period, those types of names were quickly shunted out in popularity by names ending in *ko.
I find the name Katsu quirky & cute. It's not a bad name or anything; I actually like the sound of this name. :D This name definitely would suit a cat, may I add. :D.
There are some foods containing "Katsu" in the name which include: Menchi-Katsu, Tonkatsu (Katsu-sando), Torikatsu and Katsudon.
Usually a nickname for longer names that include katsu.

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