This is my favorite spelling of this name. I do like Katey but if I named my daughter this I would do it this way!
I really love this name it is very modern sounding and feminine and works just as well if not better than Catherine/Katelyn.
Cute. I prefer this to Katie, and this can also be used as a nickname for Katherine, other than Kat and Kathy.
The name Katy was given to 142 girls born in the US in 2015.
The singer Katy Perry bears this as her stage name, but was born as Katheryn.
My sister is called Katarina, though my mother and her boyfriend have decided to abbreviate it to Katie. Though they're spelling it as Katey. Personally I don't think the pronunciation of it would be right if they spelt it that way, and I haven't seen it spelt that way before.
The name Katy was given to 164 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I'm a Katy (not short for anything, just Katy itself) and I absolutely adore my name. I'm very pleased though that Katy Perry has recently popularised this spelling, as I always had it spelled Katie as a child :/ I much prefer the Katy spelling as it looks classic and traditional to me, whereas Katie just makes me think '80s/90s child'. Just my own thoughts :)
My name is Katy (with a Y). It is so funny cause none of my teachers ever spell my name right! My real name is Katelyn (also spelled a different way than normal). But everyone calls me Katy(:
Cute name, love Katy Perry, but I prefer Kate.
I prefer Katie. But I really love this name.
Singer Katy Perry, born Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson in Santa Barbara, California on October 25th 1984, is a famous bearer.
Katy McLaughlin is the name of Alison Lohman's character in the hit movie "Flicka". In the beginning of the movie, Katy is called "Kathryn" twice, meaning that this is her real name but Katy is the name she chooses to go by.
This is my name, short for Katlyn, and I love it! However, it appears to be almost physically impossible to spell it correctly. Even my own grandpa can't!
Singer Katy Perry.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Katy here:
There are several children's books (in addition to the ones mentioned above) in which the main character is named Katy: "Katy No-Pocket," "Katy and the Big Snow," and the book series "Katy Duck."
According to the Oxford Dictionary of First Names, Katy has been recorded as an independent given name since the 18th century.
I like the spelling of this name better than Katie, but not quite as much as Katey, but it's in close 2nd.
I adore this spelling of Katie, but Katy is nice as well.
This is weird, because from what I have seen, Katy is much more commonly used than Katie.
This is my best friend's name, short for Kathryn. Almost everyone spells it Katie though, or the teachers will call her Kathryn. It drives her nuts. Katy is unique, just the spelling of her name.
I absolutely hate the name Katy. It's so much prettier as Katie.
My name is Katy (with a Y) and I still come across people who have never seen it spelled that way. I like it better though, since it is much less common. I would also like to say that it is not just the pet form of Kate, but also of Katherine, Katharine, Kathryn, various other spellings of the same name, along with Kathleen. I have never gone by Kate in my life.
Katy is better than Katie, although I still prefer Kate.
My little sister's name is Katie (ie). I prefer it with a y though.
Katy Carr is the main character in the books 'What Katy Did', 'What Katy Did at School', and 'What Katy Did Next'. They are my all time favourite books!
(besides Harry Potter, of course!)
I have noticed that Katy with a 'y' is not as poular as Katy with an'ie'. Personally I am glad my name is with a 'y' rather than an 'ie'. There is also a trail in Missouri called "Katy Trail".
KATY is the name of a city in Texas.

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