I love this name! Reminds me of the Russian folk song 'Katyusha', it's about a girl called Katyusha longing for her lover who was at war, very lovely song. I think Katyusha suits a female of any age, from a young girl to a mature woman. This is of course, quite a unique name, but not too obscure or weird-sounding. It is quite easy to pronounce, and nicknames could be 'Katy' or 'Yusha'. I also love its association with Russian culture.
diocci  8/5/2020
The assumed name of the personification of Ukraine from Hetalia is Katyusha Braginskaya.
Chloechan555  6/28/2018
The song "Katyusha" is relatively well known. It gained fame during World War II as an inspiration to defend one's land from the enemy. In Russia, the song is still popular.
The song depicts a girl, Katyusha, longing for her absent love.

Standing on a steep riverbank, she sends her song to her lover, a soldier serving far away. The theme of the song is that the soldier will protect the Motherland and its people while his grateful girl will remain true to him.
― Anonymous User  11/27/2017

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