What's wrong with Cadence? Why do people always have to misspell word names like this?

Cadence is nice and elegant. Kaydence just looks awful and like you weren't able to spell the word properly.
There's just no way this "name" is above Julie in the charts.
Omg PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE don't butcher beautiful names like Cadence into monsters like this.
Ya old-timers! "This newfangled spelling" "what the heck is this?" Come on. How old are you guys? That said, I, too, despise this name.
I am a Kaydence myself, and only age 13, so those comments hurt a bit. No, I'm joking. And yes I am going to be biased when I say this comment. I always get everyone to spell my name wrong, and its actually quite funny. Everyone always tells me that I have a beautiful name, which I am proud of. I wouldn't care if I died being told that my name sounds weird or my name is spelled badly, because I know that they are just either haters or jealous that their mothers weren't as awesome as mine to give such a beautiful name. My family even gets to call me Kay Kay. This is to all the people whose name is Kaydence, boy or girl (even though I'm a girl), your name is flawless and awesome. If anyone says otherwise, it's because they are jealous. The spelling is out of this world and given to you because you were born to be wild.
I dislike the spelling.
Listen guys, I am going to be honest. I'm speaking for all the Kaydences when I say it's not cool to make fun of someone's name because of the spelling.
I actually quite like this name, although I would use it for a boy. I only just realized it was supposed to be feminine today. Kay would be a good nickname, for male or female.
What the heck is this?!
This spelling is atrocious.
I was in the military: a cadence is what you run to. A Kaydence is what happens when parents think the rules of spelling and phonics are a playground.
I dislike Cadence as a given name already. This kre8yv spelling of the name only makes it worse.

Then again, I don't like most word names and I dislike creative spellings, so it fits that I don't like this name, haha.

It disgusts me to see that this newfangled spelling is now more popular as of 2014 than the original spelling.
My husband's sister's name. We call her Kadie or Dacie.
The spelling was likely inspired by the popularity of the -ayden suffix in masculine names such as Jayden, Brayden, Hayden, and Kayden.
Taking a beautiful name and concept and destroying it with a juvenile spelling. =\

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