Pronounced KAY-en.
This name Kayin, is misspelt first of all (as is often done anyways), secondly it does not mean celebrated child per se, there are many other names that signify celebrated children like Oluranti, Abike - Basically indicating how much the parents have wanted the arrival of this child.

The correct spelling of the name is Kanyin (it doesnt have variations because the Yoruba language does not make allowances for spelling variances). As such one misspelt letter might make the word mean something else as in the case of "Kayin" as you have it spelt which means "to lose teeth". The full name itself is Oluwakanyinsola or Oluwakanyinsolami, the latter specifically relating the meaning of the name to the person in question, hence the "mi" at the end which indicates me, my or mine. The short spellings typically are: Kanyin & Kanyinsola. The name itself literally means "God has added honey to my wealth", which often indicates that the arrival of a child into this family has brought sweetness into the existing wealth. It's the significant equivalence of "drinking a toast to wealth". I know personally because I speak the language and Oluwakanyinsola is my first name!

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