Doesn't sound too bad, but Kathleen sounds better and more mature.
The name reminds me of Aileen, which I think is a better name. All you need to do is get rid of the K sound. Plus it sounds less made up than Kayleen.
A better alternative to "Kaylee".
The name Kayleen was given to 177 girls born in the US in 2015.
Disgusting and horrible. All I can say. It can also be pronounced Kay-LEEN, with the emphasis on the last syllable.
I know a girl at my school named Kayleen. I never heard the name before I met her and I think it's really pretty.
Also spelled Kaylene, some of the older origin books say it means "beloved sweetheart" and that it is of Irish decent.
This one basically sounds like a fusion of a girly, cutesy name that suits 7-year-olds much better than 30-year-olds, and of an old-fashioned, ditzy-sounding country girl name.
I think this would be a great alternative to Kayley.
This is a pretty name for a girl.

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