The "leigh" part bothers me. Kaylee is more pretty.
I like this spelling. It is by far the most popular spelling in Britain so a Kayleigh wouldn't have to spell her name all of the time here.

It is also the official anglicization of the word "céilidh" which gives it some substance.

This name also became really common after the song was released and in the song the name is spelled Kayleigh as well.
My BFF is called Kayleigh, spelled just like that. Kayleigh seems to be the most popular spelling here in the UK, but I actually prefer the Kaylee spelling or even Kaylie. I’m not a fan of names with the -leigh spelling, and I would use ley, ly, lee or lie.
It's funny seeing people call the name immature sounding and unnatural. In Ireland and Scotland where the original source and variations of the name stem from, Kayleigh is the most popular spelling. People refer to the name spelling as looking trashy etc. Names that end in *Lee tend to have this reaction in the UK. It's a cultural difference. However, I would never opt to call someone's name ugly or associate characteristics with that person due to their name. It's a name they didn't even choose. It's a noise/word we make and use as the human race to identify a specific human. It has no other bearing on you and neither should it. People are who they are inside, not their name.
I like this spelling of Kaylee the best. It looks a lot prettier and more elegant. Kayleigh is also the name of one of my friends. Although, it would be a pain to have to tell everyone how to spell your name.
I've seen worse. I think it's okay, wouldn't use but it's cute.
Every other spelling of kaylee looks way better. Kaylee, Kaylie, Caylee, Caylie...this just looks tacky, juvenile, unprofessional, informal, and overly complicated. Spoiler alert; you don’t need to change the spelling of a name to make your child more unique. There are plenty of other, much more beautiful and unique names with actual meaning than kayleighannleigh you could use.
It's pretty.
My name is Kayleigh, and I am so happy that this was the name my parents chose for me! I don't understand why some people think it sounds "trashy" or "immature". I think it is the most beautiful spelling, and I wouldn't ever change it! I can't remember the last time someone couldn't pronounce it, and I have had more than one person compliment it, saying that it is beautiful, or that they love how it is spelled. I'm so happy to be named Kayleigh!
I think Kayleigh is a wonderful name even though some people don't see eye to eye with me. It is beautiful and the leigh makes it even more unique and special.
I like Kayleigh for a name, I think it's adorable. Especially with this spelling. Plus, I love the meaning: “Keeper of the keys”. It's really cool and strong. Great name.

God bless you :)
Juvenile and overused. And for y'all talking about honoring your "Irish and Scottish heritage", I hope you guys realize that the Irish and Scottish don't and have never used even Ceilidh as a name because it's nothing more than a noun. Doesn't matter because Kayleigh is completely made-up and has nothing to do with Ceilidh.
My daughter's name is Kayleigh Merise.
She's a strong-willed, capable, hard-working, compassionate, amazing person.
I like it. The name is pretty & the spelling is fine. I don’t get why some get so worked up about spelling variations of names... why not make it personal and unique?! Or would you prefer the world to be boring as hell?
My cousin's name. I like it — it's pretty — but I prefer Ceilidh.
The spelling looks off.
The name looks and sounds extremely juvenile. Doesn't suit an adult at all in my opinion. Plus, I'm not very fond of -leigh names.
I enjoy having this name, but the amount of people that pronounce it wrong kinda bothers me.
I don't like the leigh.
You're allowed to express your opinion on names. Don't tell people they can't. Heck, it's called "Personal Impression"; the point is to express your opinion whether you like the name or not. NOBODY with a negative impression on the name is trying to bash people with the name.

Also, if you were a pregnant mother, you should know about negative impressions to determine whether your child will like his or her name or not, how he or she will be treated, whether or not he or she will be taken seriously, and if it ages well.
Super trashy, and the -leigh ending makes it worse.
If you really wanna name your daughter this, then I suggest naming her Ceilidh so her name actually has a meaning. A girl in one of my classes had that name so it isn’t impossible. This spelling just looks dumb and trendy. Or just stick with Kaylee, seriously.
My baby is due 06/11/2019. Kayleigh! Love it.
There is a true crime blogger on you tube who is called Caleigh Elise. She is intelligent, compassionate and real. That is a positive impression for the name Caleigh, and I would gladly give that name to my child.
My name happens to be Kayleigh and most of the time I like it, however most of the time people can't spell it right and it annoys me, coincidentally people commenting on how they hate the name annoys me too purely because of how petty it is, if you don't like it why are you on this page jeez, think before you act.
I love this name... kind of.
Weird spelling!
I personally wouldn't use it because it doesn't sound strong or mature enough. I'd go for something with a more substantial meaning. Also, there are several variants in the top 1, 000 which can be confusing to people.
I was named after the song. I love my name so don’t judge people who are called Kayleigh.
My name's Kayleigh and to be honest, I'm only 12 turning 13 this year and I really like my name, it ages well, trust me. If you actually think about it you can see an 80 year old being called Kayleigh and the pronunciation varies. Everyone I've met or had said my name pronounces it KAY LAY and that's how I like it to be pronounced. It's a very beautiful name and it can be spelt many different way; Kayleigh, Kaylee, Kailee, Kaylay, Kailay, and many more. To me the spelling Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lay) is very very beautiful but it would just remind me of the dance and being from Scotland doesn't help. Every time someone mentions the word 'ceilidh' my whole class turns to me as if I didn't hear the person say it.
My little cousin's name is Kaylee. I like this spelling much better as it is more girly.
I think the spelling 'Kayleigh' ages better than 'Kaylee'.
I am also a Kayleigh except without the y. My name is Kaleigh Elizabeth and I love my name. Yes it is a pain in the ass when people can't spell it. Or cannot read it even though it's not that hard to read. I think it is a very unique name and I would never change it.
I'm a Kayleigh. I'm a professional working adult who is in fact taken seriously, I think the name that my mother gave me is beautiful. And I think it's a shame that people have the need to take their insecurities out on others on the internet.
PS Traditionally Leigh is the feminine spelling of Lee, and it is not pronounced "lay" because it is Gaelic in origin not English. Kayleigh means "beautiful", "keeper of the key", and "pure."
A very beautiful name!
I really love the name Kayleigh.
My name's Kayleigh. I love my name. I was named after the morrialian (can't spell it) tune. I love the fact that people get confused with how to spell it. And if you don't like my name, then it's simple, don't call your little delight this. Call it something like Bob!
No one is trying to be mean here. It's more of a "this is what the public honestly thinks about this name." If everyone hates it, odds are it's a bad name, and pregnant couples deserve to know. If we all had only beautiful things to say about every name on this site, it wouldn't be doing its job of informing true public opinion.
To be honest my name is Kayleigh, I am not ashamed of having the name Kayleigh or how it's spelt. I am happy to have a name like mine as it doesn't bring a drag or doesn't sound boring. I am quite happy as it sounds joyful. I am 14 years old and I have read some of the comments on this site. I do feel as though it is childish how people are quite immature how they put things or how they say they 'hate the name'. It's your opinion, but that really doesn't give you the right to say hurtful or horrible things. I knew what to expect cause I know there are some ignorant people, but may I ask what do you get out of it by saying all this? Or what does it actually do for you? Nothing. So I find it quite sad if I must be honest. Ah well, we all have our own opinions but this is just my opinion. I guess the name Kayleigh is better than some plain looking name but I shall not put those names down as I don't want to hurt people who may be reading this.
Hi My name is Kayleigh Rebecca Axford. I have been researching my name to find out what it means. Before I begin this short essay I would like to point out everyone was born equal. If you follow the equal rule whether it be by a sexual orientation, skin colour and all the general stuff, if you don't judge people of those statistics why judge someone by their name? I read a lot of good and bad things about my name. I was originally named after the song by Marilion. While researching I saw that there was conference on the subject 'Is Kayleigh a chav name', I find it quite ridiculous to stereotype someone by their name. By that theory I find it unfair and illogical to stereotype anything, may that be sexual orientation, religion or race etc. The good thing I found out about the name is it has a background and meaning of rejoice and beauty. I think I have achieved everything I wanted to point out in this essay. I hope this changes your mind on the whole name subject. I would like to add that you might have been called any other name known to the world or you could have been nameless. It really doesn't matter- you are still a person and you choose how you define yourself. It's not up to your name! Thankyou-Kayleigh Axford.
The "leigh" names always mess me up. I always think they're pronounced "LAY" like "sleigh" instead of "LEE" like "Kayleigh." Very ugly and confusing spelling if you ask me. There are too many Kaylee spellings in the world.
To the person above and everyone else who were insulting this name.

It's not ugly. You think it is, but it's not. It literally means "beautiful" from some places, "party" from others, and many other things that are very appealing. If you don't like the way it's spelled, find another spelling. Kaylee, Caylee, Cayleigh, or even like one person said Kailee.
I do not enjoy having the name, nor do I plan to keep it, but I do like the name itself, I like how playful it is, how happy it sounds, and looks. I do not however, enjoy the girliness of the name. It also does not help those researching names for their children, who enjoy the name, and don't want to name their child without seeing what others may think.
I also do not understand, why you'd come here and just decide to comment some hateful things on this name, that really hurt. We get you don't like the name, but saying "it's ugly" does not help people's self esteem. Give something else, like "I'm not a fan of the spelling, and how it sounds, but with the right person, it'd be nice."
Some validation that something you can't help, is ok the way it is, and you don't need to worry.
My best friends name is Kayleigh! It's a lovely name!
To really be honest, I love my name. My name is spelled "Kaileigh" instead of a "Y" its an "I". But I do admit that the way people try to pronounce it is annoying. The only negative thing I hate about my name. Also, at the same time I've always gotten compliments on my name. How it's spelled is really pretty they say. Normally you would see "Kaylee" "Kayleigh " Cailee" but not once have I ever seen "Kaileigh". It's unique. So with that being said who ever said negative comments, all I have to say is I'm pretty sure you've came across a lot of people with your name. Me? :)
My name's Kaylay, although it's spelt very weirdly haha! Most of the time I hear it being spelt Kayleigh or Kayliegh and I love my name! I think it's a beautiful, soft, very girly name!
To any person who assumes that everyone named "Kayleigh" must have similar attributes or qualities, I say your name must then be "Ignorant". That is a truly immature, adolescent way of looking at things. I would go so far as to say it is a form of discrimination - shame on you.
Kaylee is of asian decent while Kayleigh is of Celtic decent. I am a Kayleigh and I have to say it fits me nicely. Even if I am 80! At that age I will have the coolest name in the retirement home!
The name Kayleigh has been around for centuries in Western Europe (Scotland, Ireland, England, The Netherlands). It was NOT created by the band Marillion as stated by other users previously. My husband and I named our daughter Kayleigh because we are of Scottish ancestry and feel it is a beautiful name, both spoken and written. I do not understand why any of you feel the need to go on this site and make rude comments about this name (or any other name). Naming a child is a very personal experience and it is not for anyone else to judge.
The person who stated that the name Kayleigh has existed for centuries in Western Europe is incorrect. Kayleigh appeared on charts for those countries quite recently. There is no proof that it has been in use for longer than that.
AM I THE OLDEST KAYLEIGH?! I was born in 1975 and obviously Marillion's song came out a number of years afterwards. My parents thought they'd invented the name and so as an adult, I contacted Marillions PA to find out more. As Andy below states, Marillion's ex girlfriend wasn't a true Kayleigh, she was Kay Leigh! During pregnancy, my parents thought Kay would by nice for a girl and Leigh for a boy but then decided to put the two names together - either that or they couldn't decide my sex!?! Would love to hear if there are any Kayleigh's out there older than myself.
The pronunciation is wrong, or rather the spelling of this name doesn't make sense phonetically with the pronunciation given. -Leigh is pronounced (LAY), like sleigh minus the s, which means with this spelling Kayleigh the name would be pronounced (kay LAY), not (kay LEE).
This name is beautiful.
I really like the name Kayleigh. It is unusual way to spell it but it is nice and quite fluent ... :D
This name is silleigh.
I don't like these trendy child names. I mean what happens when your 50 and your name is Cayley? Seriously it's a little kid name. There's so many ways to spell this name it's annoying but if I was forced to name my daughter this I'd probably spell it Kayleigh because it looks more mature.

This name is even more babyish than Kayla. It ceases to be cute after age seven!
The spelling is pretentious, and the name sounds just as tacky and girly as Kailey would.
To the poster who can't imagine an 80 year old Kayleigh, trendy names definitely age (hard) with their bearers. A hundred years ago, there were doubtless people who couldn't imagine an 80 year old Mildred.

The spelling "Kayleigh" is the usual one in the UK, where it was popular in the 80s and 90s. Not anymore. The -eigh ending makes it look unattractive to me, and colours my whole impression of the name. Keeley is nicer, or Ceilidh (pronounced Kayleigh) would be a cool spelling as it means a kind of party in Gaelic. Although nobody would get it right, it would be best left as a middle name!
The comment that said trendy names like this will age well is absolutely incorrect. I'm pretty sure people were able to visualize an adult Gertrude, Gladys, and Mildred. Those names didn't have about a million different cutesy spellings or end in -ee (not that all names ending in -ee sound childish) this name will never sound mature, and although this spelling is an eyesore, it's a lot more grown up looking than kaylee, kayley, kaylie, Cayley, etc. But I'm not saying this is a good name. "Kayleigh" and all its variants is one of my least favorite names. Very, very unprofessional and youthful. Names like this will never sound mature.
I think this name is childish. Imagine an 80-year-old named Kayleigh.
*sigh* My name. Not that it isn't a lovely name, it just doesn't fit me. My parents chose it because they thought it was unusual. Ha! There's about 10 quintillion now. And all the time, all I hear is, "Is that K-A-Y-L-E-E? Um, K-A-Y-L-I? How about C-A-Y-L-E-Y?" A name sounds nice until you have to drag it around all day.
I've always prefered the spelling Kaylee.
I normally wouldn't like this name, but it's my best friend's name, and she's the coolest person ever, so I love it.
My sister is named Kayleigh after the song but I think it is better spelled, Kaylee.
My sister is named Kayleigh after the song and I think it's a beautiful name.
80's group Marillion had a hit in 1985 with a song called 'Kayleigh'.
This spelling is found in the Marillion song 'Kayleigh'. I found out something of the origin of the song title in a copy of Classic Rock magazine's Top 100 Rock albums (April 2006) It was an interview with the lead singer, he wrote the song about a break up with his then girlfriend and he just combined her first and last names to create the song title Kay & Leigh. Perhaps this spelling is where it originated, the song was written around 1985 I think. after that it seems it became very popular to give your name that child. Hope this helps, Andy.
Kayleigh (with the -eigh spelling) comes from the Old English and means "rejoice", and "beauty" (depending on the historical source material).

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