I'd only use this as a nickname for Kayla. However, as a given name it is utterly immature.
SaltyLemon123456  9/1/2020
My name is Kaylie I like it, it makes me feel great about myself. If there are other people named Kaylie spelled this way and don't like it, come on, at least you have a name and your name is you and I am Kayle feeling LOUD AND PROUD.
― Anonymous User  4/9/2020
Sounds too juvenile. Would probably work best as a nickname.
someone-  10/12/2019
My name is Kaylie. Please do not name your child this! Kaylie and Kaylee are okay names, but it's very hard to grow up with!
MissKirishima  2/1/2019
My name is Kaylie, and I used to really not like it but now I feel like I am blessed with the name. It is very beautiful and describes me! I look exactly like a Kaylie, and I love the unique spelling as well.
KaylieOlivia  10/1/2018
This is my name but I go by Lea. This name doesn't get as much hate as Kaylee but it seems like some like Kaylie better. To be honest, I never liked my name. I always felt like a Jessica and wanted to legally change my name. I've decided to keep it because it's too much work and stress. I go by my nickname and I like my middle name better. Sometimes I wonder if Kayla could be a nickname of Kaylie because I've always loved that name too. I've always loved Sarah, Jessica, and Kayla as a name. Never felt like a Kaylie but I will defend it.
LeaCat  6/20/2018
I think it’s really nice. It is spelt KAYLIE which I think is very unique. ❤️ I’m just thinking, if your name is Kaylie (spelt any way) you are blessed, shy, and kind. I think if you have this name, you should be happy with it. If you are not, be free to change it but beware your personality will fade. You will become a fresh new person. Kaylie is there to help you always, even in rough times. If you have a BFF named Kaylie, you should keep her close. She will love you more than anything in the whole wide world. If you name your child Kaylie, it’s a really good choice. :) Love to all!
Midnight Sun  3/14/2018
So, this is my name. I'm 14. Hated it, I've always hated it. I'm changing my name before I get my license (still looking for a good one). I just never thought it fit me. I don't look like a Kaylie, and the name just kills me. Yes, it's spelled KAYLIE. Which I think makes it worse. The only reason I somewhat like it is because Kay comes from the KA in Karen (my mom) and Lie (pronounced lee) is from my dad's middle name, Lee. I like the name when it's on someone else for some reason though. Just not me.
wolvenkind  3/5/2008
I like it. It's very cute.
LilaMayaNeve  6/27/2007
Can also be spelt Caley - this is the only spelling I have seen used in NZ.
― Anonymous User  9/23/2006
Another way of spelling it is Kayli.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2005

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