Brings beautiful images of an ethereal place. Sounds like something tingly and colorful passing by you on the breeze. And you are lucky if it hovers above you, even briefly.
4everandeverand  7/1/2018
This is like my name, except it is spelled as Keano. My mum originally thought she'd have a girl, and was going to name her Keana, but I ended up existing and thusly named with the 'o' in it.

However, neither were really inspired by Keanu Reeves.

Also, Keana and Keano, seem to mean different things in Hawaiian, but mine is definitely a derivative of the meaning from Keanu though.
TanorFaux  2/17/2018
Keanu is a beatiful name. I named my first born baby girl Keanu.
It's a universal name and a unique one.
I didn't name her after Keanu Reeves.
thamu  1/16/2018
The name Keanu was given to 210 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
My son, being one of the 197 in 2015. I like that it's not that common.
Justbecause  11/27/2016
The name Keanu was given to 197 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/21/2016
I named my son Keanu' 5 years ago, because his dad and I liked it. We had a few names on our list and we both circled the same name. We did not name our child Keanu after the actor, we could care less. Therefore, some of you have no validity in your comments of ignorance. Furthermore, it doesn't sound like a girl's name, and it should not "only be used by Hawaiian folks". You people appear a bit narrow minded. Try and expand your thoughts and horizons, after all, you received your name from someone, we all did. If you choose to think Keanu Reeves is the originator then so be it, but get a clue, he is not the 1st Keanu in the world, you apparently just never heard the name until you started watching TV. That in itself is tragic sadness. Now I feel better, Thanks to your ignorance. (Cool Breezes Mom).
KeanuMom  12/9/2014
Spoken exactly as I would wish to have done, KeanuMom, word for word. Belittling remarks reveal more about the belittlers than the object of their ridicule.
KeanuGrandmother  11/2/2017
I named my daughter Zoe because my husband and I didn't agree, because we are of different nationalities, so we decided on a name to go with their status as inter-racial baby, plus the meaning is very cute and powerful "LIVE"
― Anonymous User  10/24/2014
Well, it sounds pretty nice, but it should only be used by Hawaiians. Otherwise it just seems like the child was named after Keanu Reeves.
Louska  1/15/2011
I know it's a real name, but now it would look obvious that the parents using it are obsessed with Keanu Reeves. Celebrity-inspired names like this will totally date the bearer.
bananarama  9/9/2009
Being named after some actor because your mom used to think he was hot and being stuck with a foreign-sounding name that hasn't really caught on must suck.
slight night shiver  4/25/2008
No matter how macho the roles Keanu Reeves takes may be, I'll still always feel like this is a girl's name, in sound and meaning.
leananshae  12/29/2007
And if it is a Hawaiian phrase, the correct pronunciation would be KAY-ah-noo not, kee-AH-noo.
leananshae  12/29/2007
I do love this name. I think Keanu Reeves has made it more popular, hence its place on the top 1000. It kinda sounds like "canoe", though.
Georgia_kh  4/24/2007
I love this name and the meaning is just so nice.
Jasmine  2/24/2007
Keanu literally means "the coolness." Anu means "cool" or "coolness," and ke is a Hawaiian equivalent of "the."
Jenna R  2/15/2006
Dude! This name's, like, totally in the top 1,000 now. Like, what could cause that?
― Anonymous User  9/8/2005
This name is Hawaiian for "mist over the mountains".
BellaElizabeth  6/20/2005
Keanu does NOT mean "mist over the mountains." Mist has many translations in Hawaiian; the primary one is "noe." Mountain is "mauna." Keanu is not derived from either of these words.
Jenna R  2/15/2006
Also the name of famous American actor, Keanu Reeves.
svkempe  4/12/2005

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