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Keiko was one of the most popular Japanese girls names of the 20th century.

It entered the top 10 in 1941 and stayed there until 1978, falling out a few times in between.

It was #1 from 1953-1954 and 1956-1961.

It is most commonly spelled 恵子 (celebrate + child).
― Anonymous User  9/5/2019
James Patterson uses the name Keiko for the mother of Yuki, one of the members of the Women's Murder Club in his best-selling book series.
I_Want_Kids  4/9/2019
Keiko was given to 15 girls in America in 2016.
cutenose  5/23/2017
Keiko agena is a Japanese actress.
Tatumarore  3/24/2017
Keiko Matsui is a Japanese keyboardist and composer, specializing in smooth jazz, jazz fusion and new-age music. Her career spans four decades, during which time she has released twenty CDs (in addition to various compilations). She resides in Los Angeles, California.
cutenose  2/22/2017
The name of the emperor Keiko is actually spelt Keikou or Keikō, which comes from 天 (kei) meaning "heavens, sky" combined with 皇 (kou) meaning "emperor". The name is pronounced as ke:-ko:. The "ko" part is pronounced quick and short.
cutenose  2/19/2017
Keiko Nobumoto is a Japanese screenwriter. She wrote the screenplay for Cowboy Bebop and created Wolf's Rain.
lilolaf  2/16/2017
Keiko Chiba is the former justice minister of Japan. After graduating from Chuo University in 1971, where she studied law, she became a lawyer in 1982. She belongs to the Yokohama Bar Association. As a lawyer, she was involved in a lawsuit filed by local residents over noise pollution caused by jets taking off and landing at the U.S. Naval Air Facility Atsugi in Kanagawa Prefecture. She also worked to protect the rights of women and seniors.
cutenose  2/14/2017
Keiko Tsuji is a Japanese teacher, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Japan 2014 and represented Japan in Miss Universe 2014. Tsuji is a student of Japanese literature at a Japanese college, an artist in Nagasaki and a teacher of art origami in Japan. Tsuji competed at Miss Universe 2014 in Miami, Florida, United States. She was unplaced on the final night.
cutenose  2/9/2017
Keiko Fujimori is a daughter of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori and Susana Higuchi. She served as First Lady, from 1994 to 2000, becoming the youngest First Lady in the history of the Americas. She then became a member of the Peruvian legislature. Fujimori leads the right-wing party Fuerza Popular, and was their presidential candidate in the 2011 election runoff and the 2016 election runoff, losing both times, the 2016 election being a very close call, with the final count difference of less than 0.25%.
lilolaf  1/20/2017
Keiko Masuda is a Japanese pop singer and actress. She is better known by her nickname Kei, and was one half of Pink Lady, the top idol group of Japan in the 1970s. In the United States, they are known for their self-titled TV program.
lilolaf  1/20/2017
Keiko Kitagawa is a Japanese actress and former model. She was an exclusive model for the Japanese Seventeen magazine from late 2003 to mid-2006, and quit modeling when she left the magazine. Her first acting role was Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon live action show Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and after her role in the film Mamiya Kyōdai, she left modeling to concentrate on acting. She has appeared in several films, including The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Handsome Suit, and has played leading roles in the TV Dramas Mop Girl, Homeroom on the Beachside, Buzzer Beat, Lady Saigo no Hanzai Profile, and Akumu-chan.
cutenose  1/17/2017
Keiko Nemoto is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with 81 Produce. She is married to voice actor Masaya Takatsuka.
cutenose  1/12/2017
Keiko was given to 13 girls in America in 2015, possibly because of Japanese descent.
cutenose  8/20/2016
Given to 11 girls in America in 2014.
cutenose  2/29/2016
My wife's name is Keiko. She grew up in Japan, lived there 30 years, and is Japanese. "Kay-koh" is okay to say. If you want to get real technical, it is "Kay-ee-koh" with very little emphasis on "ee." Either way is perfectly acceptable. Her family (mother and 4 sisters in Japan) chooses "Kay-koh" because it is easier to say.
dvb  11/18/2015
Also could be 恵子 (blessed child). [noted -ed]
princesssara  2/21/2015
People please stop saying you know the pronunciation when you obviously don't IT IS kay-ko not kay-ii-ko lol how do you even get to that? I am a Japanese speaker for 8 years. And it is kay-ko.
StarlessNight  12/22/2013
The killer whale from "Free Willy" was named Keiko.
Kinola  3/28/2013
Keiko Agena (b. 1973 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2012
Pronounced kay-ko.

It is not unisex because "ko" is strictly for Japanese girl names.

For example:
Haru is unisex but if you add a "ko", Haruko, it makes it a feminine name.
junpyon  4/9/2011
A famous bearer is Korean actress Keiko Agena (3rd October 1973, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA).
MaggieSimpson  3/2/2009
On Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, Miles O'Brien's wife is named Keiko. She is a botanist and later a teacher.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  10/27/2008
I always thought it was pronounced KAY-ko.
GarbageGuy  8/11/2008
Pronounced "keh-i-koh".
asforoneday  7/4/2008
I think it is a cute name. I think there's a character on Ubi named Keiko.
jasmineenimsaj  1/12/2008
Keiko can also mean "firefly child". The kanji for "hotaru" has an alternate pronunciation of "kei".

Keiko is pronounced kay-ko. Kei is a single syllable/kanji, pronounced as "kay", while the syllabe Ke would be more accurately rendered as "keh".
― Anonymous User  5/19/2007
It may also mean firefly child.
rikkai_tensai  4/17/2007
Um, actually, it's pronounced "Kay-ii-koh".
ke = "kay"
i = "i"
ko = "koh"
asforoneday  4/17/2007
Pronounced KAY-ko.
echo_of_the_past  4/15/2006
My friend used this as her anime character's name but I don't think she knows what it means.
Karastar1  1/1/2006
It is the name of a character in Yuyu Hakusho.
amaruk  10/21/2005
This must be a unisex name, because Keiko the orca was male.
Phoenix Flower  10/4/2005
Keiko (Kay-ko) is definitely a feminine name in Japan.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2009
It can also mean "joy child" or "grace child" or "revelation child" or "the beginning/opening of a letter child" or numerous other things. In the generations before me, this was an EXTREMELY common name (I know lots of Keikos).

As for being a unisex name, I can't speak for other languages, but no Japanese in their right minds would name their boys Keiko unless maybe they wanted him to get beat up or something. It's a very feminine name in Japanese.
abbasdaughter  12/25/2005
No. It's definitely a feminine name.
― Anonymous User  12/4/2005

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