I have a friend whose name is spelled Kellen and it's pronounced "KEH-LYNN"
I know someone with this name, pronounced Keel-un. As it comes from the Irish, Caolan and Caol in Irish is pronounced Keel I think.
How do you pronounce this? I personally like kell-in the best, but I'd spell it Kellan/Kellen :)
Kellan lutz (kel-in) spells it with 2 l's. I still don't like either spelling through... This just sounds like another trendy, made up name that will become extremely dated within 10 years.
I like this name but I like it better spelt Keylin.
I like this name, but I especially like it spelled Kellen. I don't know if that would be pronounced the same way or not.
I named my son Kelan (we pronounce it 'KAY-len') after seeing a Celtic definition of "heart of gold".
There was a guy named Kelan was on the MTV reality TV show Laguna Beach.

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