Kelvin is a character from The Kingkiller Chronicle.
Giving the name Ryan to a girl is just completely ridiculous! Why not go the whole hog and just call her Kelvin?
Swap that name Ryan for Kelvin when you want to name your daughter Kevin! Let's see how many girls have that name Kelvin!
Isn't Kelvin becoming a good name for girls? Let's pick that good name Kelvin for your newborn daughters and see how your daughter feels when you give that good name Kelvin to your daughter!
Actor Tommy Lee Jones who played Agent K in that movie "Men In Black" made that name Kevin really strange! So why use that name Kevin when you know that name Kevin is very strange due to that movie "Men In Black!" I'd suggest not using that name Kevin when you have a baby son! Name your baby son Kelvin NOT Kevin!
Kelvin is way better than Kevin! Isn't Kevin a bit childish compared to Kelvin? Tommy Lee Jones should have played Kelvin in that movie "Men In Black" NOT Kevin!
It looks like someone was torn between Kevin and Melvin.
Kelvin is Calvin and Kevin's little brother.
Cyclone Kelvin, which made landfall in Australia recently, unexpectedly strengthened overland, possibly due to brown ocean effect. Due to the cyclone, I started to picture a very resilient and tenacious guy when I see this name.
The name Kelvin was given to 335 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Kelvin are male.
A proud Kelvin since birth in 1942, I have only met one other Kelvin. I was standing in line in Boston to pick up theater tickets where we had to give our name. I overheard the gentleman in front of me give his name as "Kelvin Xyz". I clapped him on the shoulder and enthused about my first ever Kelvin encounter. He said that he had been born in New Zealand and down there Kelvin was as common as Keith or Kenneth, if not more so. I don't know if this is born out by the stats. Still, an interesting data point.
Kelvin sound so gentle and caring.. in fact, girls fall for these guys a lot.. coz they're good lookin.
Kelvin is a unit of measurement for temperature that is named after Lord Kelvin, a mathematical physicist and engineer. That is why I associate this name with someone who is nerdy and/or intelligent in math and science.
Kevin's fine, but Kelvin just sounds sooo nerdy!
We've had a few Kelvins in the preschool where I work (in the U.S.). I have several coworkers and families from Ireland, and when someone told me a child's name and I asked "wait, Calvin or Kelvin?" I discovered that the Irish folks pronounce both of these two names the way I would say "Kelvin."
Star Trek's USS Kelvin (NCC-0514), was a Kelvin-type 23rd century Federation starship that was in service during the 2230s. In 2233, Captain Richard Robau commanded the Kelvin; his first officer was Lieutenant Commander George Kirk. Kirk's wife, Winona, was also aboard the ship at that time while she was pregnant with their son, James T. Kirk.
Namely seen in 2009's explosive hit "Star Trek XI," prequel to the previous.
I hate the sound of this name, and it sounds strange as a name for obvious reasons.
My name is Kelvin and I have met very few others with the same name. I did share the top marks in class with another Kelvin in grade 8 (the only one I knew for many years). Mostly people do not comment on my name but it is often misspelled or mispronounced as Calvin, Kevin, Kelvan etc.
This is a very nice name for a boy. Makes me think of a man who is smart and inventive.

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