(Spoilers) In the Shatter Me series, Kenji Kishimoto is one of the main character’s friends. He is a bit of a womanizer, and a bit harsh to Juliette, but all in all, he is a loyal friend and spy for Omega Point.
The meaning of Kenji is true for me because I can win with a fight with my brother, and I am strange and nerdy a little.
Kenji can also be written as 賢司 in Japanese Kanji.
With 1 544 525 bearers, Kenji is the 1st most common given name in Japan (2014 Data).Source:
Kenji Harima from the anime “School Rumble”.
This was the name of a Japanese character in ‘Scooby-Doo and the Samurai Sword‘.
Kanji Harima was the main character of the anime School Rumble.
Kenji Yoshino is a legal scholar and the Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Constitutional Law at New York University School of Law. Formerly, he was the Guido Calabresi Professor of Law at Yale Law School. His work involves Constitutional law, anti-discrimination law, civil and human rights, as well as law and literature, and Japanese law and society. He is actively involved with several social and legal issues and is also an author.
Kenji Ekuan was a Japanese industrial designer, best known for creating the design of the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle. Born in Tokyo on September 11, 1929, Ekuan spent his youth in Hawaii. At the end of World War II, he moved to Hiroshima, where he witnessed the atomic bombing of the city, in which he lost his sister and his father, a Buddhist priest. He said the devastation motivated him to become a "creator of things". Later he attended Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In 1957, he founded GK Industrial Design Laboratory. "GK" stood for "Group of Koike", as Koike was the name of an associate professor at the university.
Kenji Tenzai is one of the Japanese commanders in the video game Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3.
Kenji Tsukino is Usagi's father in Sailor Moon.
Kenji Yano is a Japanese professional baseball outfielder for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball.
122 baby boys born in the USA (2015) were given Kenji.
Kenji Tomura is a Japanese professional baseball pitcher for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball.
Kenji Fujimori is a Peruvian businessman and Fujimorista politician. He is the son of Alberto Fujimori who was the President of Peru from 1990 to 2001, and the brother of Popular Force leader Keiko Fujimori. Since 2011, he has been serving as Congressman.Kenji Fujimori was born to Japanese Peruvian engineers, Alberto Fujimori, at the time dean of the science faculty of the National Agrarian University in Lima, and later President of Peru, and Susana Higuchi. He has three elder siblings. His father won the 1990 presidential elections, in 1992 he suspended the constitution and neutralized the Congress and the opposition. Kenji's mother soon disagreed with her husband, and they divorced in 1994. After this, Kenji's 19-year-old sister Keiko was named "First Lady". Alberto Fujimori resigned in 2001 after a massive corruption scandal and went to exile in Japan. He was extradited to Peru and sentenced to jail in 2007.
Kenji Kawakami is the inventor of the Japanese craze Chindōgu.Kenji Kawakami has founded the international Chindōgu society. The current president is Dan Papia. Chindōgu is the art of creating a product whose usefulness is precluded by its absurdity. Chindōgu is related to Rube Goldbergism. Chindōgu items must follow the ten tenets of Chindōgu. Masks with receptacles for 20 cigarettes (allowing a pack a day smoker to save time by smoking his dosage all at once), Fish Face Cover (a kitchen aid that allows the user to cut the head off fish without having the dead fish stare back at them), and Training High Heels (high heeled women's shoes with tiny training wheels attached to either side of the spike heel) are all examples of Chindōgu.
Kenji Otonari is a Japanese Nippon Professional Baseball pitcher for the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks in Japan's Pacific League.
Kenji Miyazawa was a Japanese poet and author of children's literature from Hanamaki, Iwate, in the late Taishō and early Shōwa periods. He was also known as an agricultural science teacher, a vegetarian, cellist, devout Buddhist, and utopian social activist.Some of his major works include Night on the Galactic Railroad, Kaze no Matasaburo, Gauche the Cellist, and The Night of Taneyamagahara. Kenji converted to Nichiren Buddhism after reading the Lotus Sutra, and joined the Kokuchūkai, a Nichiren Buddhist organization. His religious and social beliefs created a rift between him and his wealthy family, especially his father, though after his death his family eventually followed him in converting to Nichiren Buddhism. Kenji founded the Rasu Farmers Association to improve the lives of peasants in Iwate Prefecture. He was also a speaker of Esperanto and translated some of his poems into that language.
Kenji Matsuda is a Japanese actor. Matsuda began acting in high school when a girl he had a crush on convinced him to join the theatre club. He later joined the sho-gekijo theatrical troupe Haiyu-Za. Nowadays known for roles such as Kagero in the low-budget films Shinobi: The Law of Shinobi, 2002, and its sequels Shinobi: Runaway, 2005 (not related to the 2005 film Shinobi: Heart Under Blade), Shinobi: Hidden Techniques, and Shinobi: A Way Out. He is probably best known in Japan for numerous roles he has played in the tokusatsu genre: starting with Kamen Rider Hibiki as Zaoumaru Zaitsuhara/Kamen Rider Zanki (as well as related characters: Buddhist monk Kamen Rider Touki in the movie special - a Sengoku-era version of Zanki - and an alternate Zanki from the Hibiki World as depicted in Kamen Rider Decade), and in Kamen Rider Kiva as Jiro/Garulu (who made a cameo appearance in Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship). He has also appeared in a cameo in the Kamen Rider G special and as in recurring role in the series Garo: Makai Senki. He is currently playing the role of Raizo Gabi in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.
Kenji Horikawa is the founder and President of P.A. Works Studio and the Operations Director for Bee Train Productions Inc. He was also formerly an employee with Production I. G and Tatsunoko Productions. In 2000 he founded P.A. Works and currently produces the works produced by the studio. Horikawa has also worked as a Production Manager and Production Assistant.
Kenji Eno was a Japanese musician and video game designer. He gained a reputation as a maverick during the mid-1990s for creating unorthodox games like Real Sound and is perhaps best remembered today for his rebellious marketing techniques. Outside of his native home land he was best known for his survival horror video games, the D series and Enemy Zero. Apart from creating video games, Eno was also a well-regarded electronic musician and he created the scores for several of his games. During his life, Eno founded the video game development companies: EIM, Ltd., WARP, and From Yellow to Orange. He also worked in a variety of fields apart from video games and music including the automotive, cellphone, tobacco, and hotel industries. Eno died on February 20, 2013, due to heart failure brought on by hypertension. He was 42.
Kenji Kawai, is a Japanese music composer, for motion pictures, anime movies, video games and televised programs.
A famous bearer is Kenji Konuta, a Japanese author known for creating the hit manga "Servamp".
Two famous bearers would be Kenji Yamamoto, the Nintendo composer of Super Metroid, and Metroid Prime, and many other works.As well as the anime, tokusatu, and video game composer Kenji Yamamoto, who worked on Dragon Ball games from the 90s and 00s, as well as others, even for a time did Dragon Ball Kai, before he was sadly charged with plagiarism and replaced.
There were 125 boys born with this name in 2013 in America, which is near the peak of 128 back in 1978.
Ignore the other blue comment. The peak is actually 159 in 2009.
In my opinion, Kenji is one of the most typical Japanese names out there. So for me, I'd steer clear and choose a different Japanese name or keep Ken, but add a different kanji or 2 different kanji characters.
Going back to what I've said in the previous comment, the most typical names that you and I have encountered in the media (like Kenji) are not necessarily the most popular in terms of how popular it is given to babies in the country of origin.I would say that Kenji is on par with Ryū (or maybe surpassing Ryū, looking at how many fictional characters named Kenji are listed on Wikipedia and TV Tropes as opposed to Ryū) as one of those Japanese names that the media (like books, comics, TV programs etc.) like to use and that really irks me.
Kenji Yamazaki is character from 'Koi ga Bokura wo Yurusu Hani' manga by Motoni Modoru.
I know two Japanese-American boys named Kenji. I think this is a very cute name!
There is a song by Fort Minor called Kenji, about a man named Kenji living in America during WW2.
There are many other kanji and meanings to go wih Kenji (very common name in older generations):
I like 賢治
Kenji is a fun and crazy name. I like it better than Benji. My nickname is Kenzie, and a friend's brother always calls me Kenji just to make fun of me.
I love how this name sounds. I loved it so much I named my kitten that. He really lives up to it (the name means "strong second son"). He's the second son and he is very ornery he likes to climb out of his pen and jump on his mother. He's the most friendly of the five kittens. So, if you decide to name someone Kenji the traits should add up.
In Samurai X, Kenji is the name of Kenshin Himura's and Kaoru Kamiya's son.
This is Mike Shinoda's (Linkin park's emcee) middle name.
Be careful with the spelling. Kanji is a form of Japanese writing.

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