Kenzo Takada died in 2020, so you might want to update his life dates.
In 2019 the name Kenzo was given to 8 boys in Ontario and 7 boys in British Columbia, Canada.
Kenzō Takada (高田 賢三, 1939-2020) was a Japanese fashion designer.
I don't mind this as a Japanese name used on Japanese people, I actually quite like the pronunciation and it seems like a name that ages well. However, it's so lame when Europeans or Americans use it. Imagine naming your kid after a brand. It's like naming your kid Gucci or Versace. You come across as materialistic and it's honestly kinda trashy.
Brand names like Gucci or Versace are all family names. They are unusable all the way. Kenzo is a standard given name and popular in different regions for a long time. It is a part of culture and history now. The only difference is that it is an Asian thing from the East. This may be the reason why it makes you upset.

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