I personally HATE it when people call me Ket-TOOR-ah I really do prefer Ket-ur-ah. I also hate when I tell people my name and they automatically assume I said Katara.
This is my name! And I love it. Because of its rarity, it feels uniquely mine. Growing up though, no one was able to pronounce it correctly. I have to constantly correct people on how to say it. Many are very curious of its origins and meaning. Most everyone I meet tell me it is a very beautiful name and that they have never heard of it before... and a few comment on how unusual it is.
Definitely African-American. Definitely.
You sound so ignorant and close-minded. There is no such thing as a "black name" or a "white name".
It's Hebrew not African American.
(When said as "ki-TOOR-ə"), I personally LOVE the sound of Keturah ~ just gorgeous! :)
Perhaps related to the word Ketoret? Meaning 'incense offering' in Hebrew.
I think this is a really pretty name. The first thing I think of when I hear it though, is Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender (not a bad thing, just saying).
Pronounced Ke-Tu-Rah.
It's the name of the titular character of Keturah and Lord Death. That Keturah is a beautiful storyteller who persuades Death to spare her life for one day by promising to tell him the end of her story. The story is about true, undying love, and Death also adds that if she finds love of this kind by the end of the day, she'll be allowed to live til old age. You'll have to read it to find the ending. ;-)
May also be spelled Ketura.
I love the keh-tyoo-rah pronunciation. I never understood this name until I heard it said out loud and then I was like, "hey that's nice". :)
Beautiful strong name. I like the Keh TOOR ah pronunciation. Very unusual in usage and sound. I love the way it looks and the musical quality of it.
Ugly, old-fashioned, and too obviously Biblical.
I have a friend named Keturrah (pronounced "Keh-TOOR-ah") who goes by the nickname Tori. Most people don't even realize that her full name is Keturrah.
One of my friend's names is Keturah. She calls herself Kerah, and even "forgets" sometimes that her real name is Keturah. She pronounces it "Ke-Chur-ah" or "Ke-Tyur-ah". It fits her personality well and is a good name.
Keturah was another name of Hagar, Ishmael's mother.
Keturah is only considered the same person as Hagar in the Jewish religion. I've done research to find that Christians do not share this belief.
This name is pronounced keh-too-rah in Hebrew.

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