Kevyn looks girly. Kevin is much better.
Noo. Leave Kevin alone.
How come Kevin is only masculine but Kevyn is masculine and feminine?
Well here I am. A woman named Kevyn. I hated it once I got into school - kids can be so mean. I was always going to change it to a "proper girls name" once I was of age, but I grew to love it. I've had it for 63 years now and I'm keeping it! It was of great help when I was working in the male dominated business world (well, it was more male dominated back in the day). They would expect a male to show up and - whoops, it was me. Got my foot in a lot of doors. And yes, some day I'll be in the old folks home with the other old Tiffanys, Tammys, Debbies, Wendys and other y ending names of the 50's and 60's - and I'll be unique, with the y in the middle of the name. All the best!
I like how you took a typical boy’s name, replaced the ‘i’ with a ‘y’, and claimed it to be a unisex name or a feminine name. Kevin is actually a boy’s name, but when you replace masculine vowels with feminine vowels, it would seem prettier on girls. I don’t know if I would use this name on a girl though.
Normally I know Kevin is suitable only for a male, but I love the spelling Kevyn for a girl but not a boy, and I love the combo Kevyn Tiana. For a boy, I prefer the spelling Kevin. There’s no unisex spelling in my opinion. Personally I love Kevin for a boy only, and Kevyn for a girl only. And also, this isn’t a kri8tiv snobby ugly bastardization of Kevin. It’s like Caden and Cadyn. I love this spelling for a girl, it’s cute and elegant and more feminine than Kevin. Kri8tiv GO!
Kevyn is a great boi. Lol.
5 girls and 51 boys were given Kevyn in America in 2014.
Your daughter will hopefully be middle-aged one day, at which point having a misspelled masculine name will have long ago lost any sort of cuteness.
Ugh. This is an uglier spelling of the already ugly, obnoxious, and overused Kevin. It looks even worse on a girl, since it doesn't even sound remotely feminine. Changing an I to a Y doesn't always make a name feminine.
This name disgusts me. It's a boy's name and should be spelled as K-E-V-I-N.
What's crazy is that people think adding a 'y' makes it feminine, while in Welsh names a 'y' is masculine (Bryn, Wyn, Alwyn). I don't understand why someone would name a girl Kevin, I find it very handsome and masculine.
It looks like a spelling young and immature parents would pick, and to think that the 'y' somehow makes it feminine is ludicrous. The pronunciation is still the same, and the name will sound very bizarre on cute girls and feminine women, but it will sound tacky on the more androgynous or indie girls and young women as well, and absolutely atrocious on women past the age of 27.
Contrary to tryndee belief, adding a y to a male name does not make it a female name.
KEVIN is a male name, and should not be spelled in such a Trynn'aDeigh way.

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