There is no right or wrong way to spell a name. So just shut up nobody cares.
I have the name Khloe, and honestly I think people need to learn that just because a name gets popular from something or somebody (Khloe Kardashian ect.) does not mean that the name is "bad". It's a name for crying out loud. If you state your opinion in a rude way, I automatically don't care.
I just want to say that everyone who has said that Khloe is 'trashy', 'rubbish' and 'stupid' is wrong. Who cares how the name is spelled? Don't judge a person by their name. I don't care if Khloe Kardashian has this name! People name their kids whatever they like.
This is a good way to spell Chloe!
This is actually a cute way to spell Chloe!
I'd never name my child Khloe with a K. It's hideous, and also reminds of Khloe Kardashian.
In general I don't have anything against this spelling. In Greek it is spelled with a different alphabet so whether you transcribe it as Chloe or Khloe is up to you (same with Calliope or Kalliope, Clio or Klio etc.).However, this spelling is very very much associated with the Kardashians. So people will think you were a massive fan of them which I would try to avoid. Everyone will just associate your child's name with reality TV.
To the user below: no, you don't transcribe Chloe as Khloe from Greek. The other names you used as an example start with K (= kappa) in Greek. Chloe starts with CH (= chi, written as X, which is only ONE letter completely different than K). That is why you for example don't transcribe Christian as Khristian.The transcription of X as Kh has sometimes been used in transcriptions from Russian, not from Greek.
My daughter’s name is Khloe. She is the most funniest child ever. Khloe is a gorgeous name & Chloe just seems too common and kiddish overtime. Whether you find Khloe “trashy” or “wrong” that is entirely your opinion but there is no need to degrade the parents of naming their child Khloe! Like I said, it’s gorgeous. Looks way better than Chloe. Yeah, that’s my opinion but do you see me degrading parents with kids name Chloe? No. Exactly. So no need to go there! Go Khloe’s!
I just do not like this spelling. My dislike has nothing to do with Khloe Kardashian, I just think the spelling looks...bad. What's the H there for? If you're gonna spell it with a K, at least drop the H. If I wanted to spell Christina with a K, I wouldn't spell it as Khristina. It just looks awkward. Chloe just looks more aesthetically pleasing. Unless it's an Arabic name, the "KH" pattern looks strange. I don't say this to make fun of anyone with the name Khloe. The name itself is a perfectly good name, I just despise the spelling. I realize it's an unreasonable hatred, and would never make fun of somebody for having this name. But I don't like it.
Repeat after me. C-H-L-O-E.
Please spell it normally.
My BFF is named Khloe and I think it is a wonderful name. I don't really like the name "Chloe" because the only other person named "Chloe" I met was mean and rude. But my friend Khloe is SO much different. So to all those haters of "Khloe" you obviously have some real problems if you don't like the name "Khloe" because of a Kardasion.
You people that are hating on this name because of a Kardashion are idiots. This name was something FAR before "Khloe Kardashion".
Sounds like a pink perfume.
Parents to be, pay attention. This Is NOT the original spelling of Chloe, It is a "tryndeigh" and "kre8tyv" variant that only took off once the Kardashians started getting popular. Not only will you look illiterate and uneducated, but your poor daughter will also have to go through life correcting people on how her name Is spelled 24/7. Just stick with Chloe, and at a push, Cloe. It's not that hard people!
I love this way of spelling because it is the way my name is spelled.
Love this name so much better than Khloe. And it is the original Greek spelling and don't say it's not just because of some Kardashion lady. This name was here long before Khloe Kardashion.
I like the way Chloe is spelled because that is my name but my name is spelled with a k instead.
I think Khloe is a wonderful name and who cares about some Kardashion lady. It really is a beautiful name and I think it is even better than Chloe.
Chloe is nice, but Khloe just sounds like some teen mom under the age of 20.
Chloe or nothing.
I like it! So much better than Chloe!
I used to hate my name, but after seeing that people are THAT unfortunate enough to end up being named THIS variant honestly makes me feel way better... Stick with Chloe, it looks cleaner.
Yall need to back off like who cares about a dag KARDASHIAN lady like come on now there are many more girls with the name KHLOE and yall just sitting here wasting yall time over a Kardashian lady. I LOVEEEEEEEEE this name and I will never stop loving it!
For the last time, this is the original Greek name. Chloe is a variant. It is not trashy just because some Kardashian used it. It is a name rich in history, used way before there was a Kardashian.
This is NOT the original Greek spelling! The original spelling is Χλοη = Chloé because "x" stands for "ch" in the Greek alphabet.It is true that many names spelled with C are originally spelled with K but not this name. In Greek alphabet X ("chi") is a completely different letter than K ("kappa"). Old Greek does not have a KH letter combination, it is always either CH or K.
This IS an alternative romanization of the Greek name Χλόη, as well as an English variant.'ch' and 'kh' are just from different transliteration systems.
As a reply to the user who said that "this is an alternative romanization of the Greek name Χλόη": I doubt this modern English "Kh" spelling was used in Latin - you don't spell Christopher or Christ, Christine, Chryseis, Chrysanthe etc. with "Kh" in Latin either. Of course there are a lot of other words from Greek starting with "ch" - would you for example spell chlorine as "khlorine" or chronicle as "khronicle"? I don't think so.Anyway, as I said before, Khloe is definitely not the original Greek spelling. "Kh" letter combination does NOT EXIST at all in Greek as explained in my previous post.
There's a transliteration system called BGN/PCGN, which transliterates letter χ into 'kh'.You can find information on the internet.
The transcription of "X" as "Kh" is from Russian, not Greek. From Greek language the transcription of "Χ" is "Ch".You can check for example Wikipedia: any case my original comment was that Khloe is not an original Greek spelling of the name - ask someone Greek about it. My intention was to merely correct the false impression of some people here that Khloe is somehow the original spelling instead of Chloe.
Likely to get misspelled by other people. And Kim K's sister doesn't help at all.
Favorite spelling of Chloe!
Honestly I love the name but I spell it Kloi pronounced Chloe. But nothing shows up- it's like my name does not even have a history. So it makes my class project harder than it should be. The name Kloi is very complex and provides a unique way of naming children.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Khloe who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 509th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. χλόη.
All these comments are super hurtful and mean, especially since my little cousin's name is Khloe and she isn't trashy. Yes, I prefer the C spelling, but Khloe isn't a variant of Chloe. It's the other way around.
The -khl- combination makes this name not look like an English word.
To all of you ignoramuses saying Khloe is a dumb misspelling of Chloe, Khloe actually came first, and Chloe is the anglicized version. Do your research before spouting off.
I love this spelling of Chloe. It's very different and unique.
I personally don't care for this name regardless of the spelling, and I strongly predict that this particular spelling will end up leaving the top 100 by next year. This spelling has been decreasing in popularity for a few years and come next year, I don't see this spelling within the top 100. I'd be surprised if it still lingers.
Chloe is dumb enough, but did you really have to spell it like that Kardashian woman?
When I was a young name lover and played around with different spellings of Chloe, Khloe was always the oddest spelling to me. It's still just weird to look at compared to Chloe, despite its famous bearer.
What a bunch of dumb nonsense input. Khloe is Latin. Has nothing to do with
Kardashians. Dummies lol. I'm naming my daughter Khloe. I have a Latin name (Florentina) and my daughter will have a Latin name. Yes with a K! Khloe is beautiful and unique. Unlike boring names like Laura or Amanda. AND Khloe's parents are educated and fortunate. Maybe you should judge your name and education.
Khloe may be the original Greek spelling of the name, but this variation's surge in popularity has nothing to do with that and everything to do with the fact that Kris Jenner wanted all "K" names for her daughters. I'm not a huge fan of Chloe with a C, but I like this version even less.
In my opinion, it's sad to see people comment that whoever named a child Khloe is probably dumb, and other mean stuff. But since it's your comment/opinion I can respect that. It's just sad because my name is Khloe.. no joke.
I like this name in theory. It's the original Greek spelling. Also, it's more phonetic (ch usually makes a different sound, but kh is very phonetic).But honestly... it does look trashy to me. I don't want it to, and I know in my head that it's not, but I just can't get past the feeling.
I like this name in theory, because it's more phonetic: the Ch in Chloe theoretically makes the ch sound, and the K makes more sense that way. But honestly, I don't like it and it does look tacky.
The popularity graph for this name is literally a straight line. The increase
In popularity is enormous in the first years it was used. It jumped nearly 300 spots one year, and 500 the next, and 100 the next! I am completely appalled at how popular this trashy 'name' got in just a few short years. I mean, that has a to be a record or something. Just because of the Kardashians? Are you kidding? That's an absolutely horrible source to get your child's name. What is wrong with people?
Oh my god. This is horrible. I like Chloe, but this is absolutely awful. I don't even think k and h would make a hard c sound in normal circumstances but whatever, all those trendy parents can spell names however they want, who cares about English pronunciation rules? It makes me sick that this "name" is in the top 50. The poor innocent kid is going to have to go through life constantly correcting people on how to spell her name, all will assume her parents were trashy and sickeningly influenced by reality television. My guess would be that at least a third of these poor little "Khloe"'s have parents who are either unmarried, uneducated, under the age of 20, or all of the above. But that's just the impression this name gives me.
I'm sorry but this just proves that adding a k in every name does not give an edge to it. This name looks urban and just because Khloe Kardashian has this name doesn't make it bad it makes it good. I don't get how you guys can complain about how fake Kim and Kourtney are but you slander Khloe for her appearance but she's the realest person in that family. So it's a plus but the name still suck.
The fact that this name is in the top 50 seriously worries me...
"Hi! We're a couple of douchebag morons who ruined a perfectly good name by following the pointless trend of replacing C's with K's! Aren't we special?"BLECH.
I really hope this spelling goes out of fashion. It just looks wrong.
What have you done with such beautiful name?
Khloe is not a variant of Chloe, but rather, it is the other way around. Khloe is the original Greek spelling, while Chloe is actually a latinized form of Khloe. There is no way that Chloe would have been the original Greek spelling, since the Greeks never had a C in their alphabet (only a K). The Romans, in turn, never had a K in their alphabet (only a C), so that is how Khloe originally became latinized as Chloe.
Greek has the letter CHI which is usually transliterated CH (rarely KH) as well as KAPPA (K).
First off all you haters, you should consider that Khloe is the original GREEK way of spelling KHLOE, it's in the bible as Khloe. It wasn't until the French took the name that it became Chloë! The meaning in Greek is green blossom & it is associated with goddess Dimetrious.
This substitution of Ks for Cs in names in attempts to make them look 'unique' is getting outrageous. The 'kh' in this name makes it look trashy.
Hideous spelling of an already very childish name.
To me, this name is an ugly, failed attempt to make Chloe 'unique.' (Notice 'unique' is in quotations!) And the 'Kh' doesn't look very good to me.
I kind of like Chloe spelled with a C. But not with a K.
This spelling looks really tacky and ugly. Just use Chloe.
If you're dying to spell this name with a 'k', go with Kloey or something (have a "Zoey" influence on it). Honestly, the 'kh' beginning here looks obnoxious.
Yuck. Khloe isn't a name. At least spell it Chloe or Cloe. Names that begin with 'kh', unless they're Arabic, are very trashy.
Khloe Kardashian is the sister of the (in)famous socialite Kim Kardashian, which is why I would never use this name.
This is an ugly spelling of Chloe, and it looks tacky too, like something immature parents would choose.
I don't care for this variation at all.
I don't really like the name "Chloe," but the use of a "k" sound spelled with "ch" creates a distinctive and slightly attractive Greek look. By spelling this name as "Khloe," the name transforms into an artificial variant which somewhat diminishes the beauty of the name.
Yuck! This is a terrible way to spell Chloe.
I love this spelling of Chloe!

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