I'm surprised no one mentioned Kiera Bridget, a famous youtuber.
Although I prefer Kiara, both are very pretty!
Very pretty!
My name is Keera, pronounced the same and Kiera, haven’t seen anyone else spell it this way ever, but my dream is to meet someone that does. I’ve never really liked my name, it just doesn’t sound right so it’s kind of funny seeing people's opinions on everything down to the spelling. I do wonder though if having this name spelt this way has shaped me as a person at all.
Very pretty, although I prefer Kiara which is at the top of our baby girl list!
I have seen this Gaelic name listed as meaning small dark one. A very pretty name.
This is a stereotype, but to me it always seems like people named Kira/Kiera/Keira/Kierra or any variation of that are mean. That’s because every person, not even joking, that I’ve ever met named that were kind of jerks.
I think this name (Kiera) is the prettiest name. Although Chibi_Sam does not think so. Kiera is MY name. I want to say I understand that Chibi_Sam thinks people are mean, but you can't blame a name. Because you have not met the person yet. I myself am very nice. I get gifts for others. I think the one who is really mean is you.
The name Kiera was given to 391 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Kiera are female.
When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. Keira is the better spelling. Just like Keith.
This is my name and personally it annoys me when people spell it K-E-I as it is not proper grammar. It is I before E except after C.
I personally LOVE the name Kiera especially with that spelling. It's so feminine and elegant and is just a gorgeous name for a baby girl! My little sister is named Kiera and she's as gorgeous as her name!
Hmm. And I had thought my little sister made this name up... sorry. I like this spelling a lot better than my sister's version: Keera.
Kiera (or Keira) was the name of a character in the film Xanadu. She was played by Olivia Newton-John.
The name is actually great. It's cool and pretty at the same time, and it doesn't sound too girly for a grown-up, but it's become really common.
I love this name -- although I prefer the "Keira" spelling rather than the "Kiera" spelling.
Very pretty name, but I like it spelled Keira.
Sorry but Kiera means Banana in Indian. My friend's name was Kiera but I always took her as been named after a Banana. It's a nice name and since I didn't keep in contact with Kiera naming my child will have significance in naming her Kiera. :D
I love this name. It is unusual and uncommon, which adds to its charm. A variation of this name is Kier, which is also very beautiful!
Kiera is an awesome name for a girl. Very pretty.
This is a cute name for a girl. I prefer this Irish spelling the best.
A famous bearer is the actress Kiera Knightley.
Keira Knightley spells it K-E-I.
It is pronounced keer-uh.

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