I pronounce my name Kiersten as Key-er-sten.
My name is Kiersten and I need to do a project at school on my name and I can barely find any info.
My little cousin's name is Kiersten and I think it's a really cute name! Her middle name is Jean after our grandma. Kiersten is a feminine name and I think it works on someone of any age, from a newborn baby to an old lady! That's one of the reasons why I like it.
I think it's beautiful for anyone to use on their baby girl. :]
Love this name, it's my oldest daughter's name. Only I spelled it Kierstin.
Despite the Christian meaning, I like this name. It comes off as a cool, pretty name of a spunky, smart girl, and it works for grown-ups, which is important. Plus, this spelling makes it clear that the name should be pronounced KEER-sten, not KUR-sten. The name has simply become too common.
A very pretty name.
It's pronounced KEER-sten. (Note: If a part of a name is in capital letters, that means you put the most emphasis on it.)

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