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Chrysanthemums are a symbol of longevity in Japan. Kiku was a very popular girls name in the Edo period.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2019
My favorite character from an anime called Hetalia, his human is Honda Kiku (or Kiku Honda).
Chloechan555  6/14/2018
I think it's really unfortunate that some guy gave this to a male character, because people that don't speak the language now think Kiku is masculine. Looking at it, it really isn't.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2017
Kiku Amino was a Japanese author and translator of English and Russian literature. Amino was born in Azabu Mamiana-cho and raised in Akasaka, Tokyo, where her father was a well-to-do sadler. Her mother left when Amino was six, after which she had three stepmothers. She graduated from the Japan Women's University in 1920 with a degree in English, then worked as a part-time assistant editor at a magazine, and from 1921-1926 a substitute English teacher at the university. In 1921 she published a self-financed collection of stories entitled Aki (Autumn), and in 1923 met author Shiga Naoya whose disciple she became. She married in 1930, living in Hooten, Manchuria, from 1930-1938, but divorced in 1936. She did not publish while married, but made a comeback with a collection of short stories called Kisha no nakade (On the Train) in 1940. She was a member of the Japan Art Academy and received the 1947 Women's Literature Prize for Kin no kan (A Golden Coffin), and the 1967 Yomiuri Prize and Japan Academy of the Arts prize for her short story Ichigo ichie (Once in a Lifetime). She is buried in Aoyama Reien, 2-32-2 Minami Aoyama, where Shiga Naoya is also buried.
cutenose  2/11/2017
I don't think Kiku is very feminine, since I've seen it used for a male character, Japan from Hetalia. And I now hate that name because I hate the character.
SteamyMemes  9/5/2016
Another extension of Kiku is Kigiku, meaning "Yellow Chrysanthemum", which alludes to the Imperial Family crest.

It is not traditionally used as a name in Japan, but Kigiku pops up now and then as a character name in manga/anime etc.
JJSkeete  7/10/2013
In the manga Hetalia Axis Powers, the human personification of Japan bears the name "Kiku," though he is male.

Because of him, I've always thought of this name as being very masculine.
Rin_0911  8/3/2012
I know this isn't exactly the same name, but Kikuko is the name Liza Dalby (the first ever Western woman to become a geisha) goes by when she is in Japan. Liza chose it when she first lived there as a teenager. It means "chrysanthemum child". Her geimei (geisha name) was Ichigiku. The "Ichi" part came for her older sister's name Ichiume, and "Giku" from Kikuko (Giku and Kiku are the same). I like Kiku and other names with that element, because I think chrysanthemums are beautiful (and they're not as hard to spell as "chrysanthemum").
― Anonymous User  2/25/2010
I have a friend on drumline with this name, but she spells it K-I-K-U-E. I like it better. I think it makes it look more finished.
TwilighterRenthead  10/7/2009
Kikue is a related name, but it is different from Kiku. It's probably written with one more kanji. (The one for painting, maybe?) Also, the names are probably not pronounced the same way [KEE-KOO (Kiku) vs. KEE-KOO-EY (Kikue)].
― Anonymous User  2/12/2010
Kiku is a character in the children's show Little Bill- Little Bill's friend, a Japanese-American who adores nature, especially flowers. Her favorite hobby is origami.
Wilted  3/15/2009
Cute name. Sounds like a person who is hyper-active and loves to have a good time.
_0TophasNails_1  12/25/2008
Kiku's Japanese Restaurant.
MusicRat  10/20/2008
Usually followed by "ko" or "mi" (Kikuko or Kikumi usually the latter, I think). I've met 1 Kikumi. Not so common now.

If one doesn't use the "kiku" (Chrysanthemum) kanji, one can replace it with one's choice of one other kanji for "ki" and one other kanji for "ku".

Kanji possibilities for "ki":

Kanji for "ku":

Kanji for "ko""

Kanji for "mi":
abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
It sounds a bit old-fashioned name.
pocho-mole  11/12/2005

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