The Spanish pronunciation is the same as the German one.
Also Spanish (Modern).

There are 3,799 bearers of this name in Spain, and the average age of the bearers is 14 (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
Kilian Jones, best known as Captain Hook, is a character of the series "Once upon a time". He has a love story with Emma Swan. He calls her "Swan".
Poor Ian, please don’t kill him!
Hi, my name is actually Kilian and so many people think it is spelled "Killian." And it can get very annoying.
The name Kilian is also in use in Belgium and the Netherlands, where the name is much more popular than its Dutch form Kiliaan.

According to the website listed below, in 2009 there was a total of 843 bearers (of all ages) in all of Belgium. Out of those, 484 lived in Flanders (the Dutch-speaking part of the country) and 298 in Wallonia (the French-speaking part).

- (in Dutch)

And according to this website, in 2014 there was a total of 398 bearers (of all ages) in all of the Netherlands:

- (in Dutch)

For a further indication of bearers, please see:

- (lists only bearers living in Belgium)

- (lists only bearers living in the Netherlands).
St. Kilian was an Irish traveling bishop and martyr. Würzburg Cathedral in Würzburg Germany was dedicated to him. His saint's day is July 8th.
Kilian is my little brother's name but we pronounce it "Kill-ee-in".
That's the Irish pronunciation.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Kilian here:
German pronunciation: KEE-lee-ahn. [noted -ed]

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