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Kim 1
Gender Masculine
Usage Hmong

Meaning & History

Means "expensive" in Hmong.
Added 7/26/2016 by lilolaf
Edited 4/24/2018 by Evil and lilolaf

Kim 2
Gender Masculine
Scripts Ким(Russian)

Meaning & History

Short form of Akim and Yakim, which are both Russian forms of Joachim.

In the early Soviet era, Kim was also an invented name that was created by Communist parents who were eager to reject traditional names. It was an acronym of Russian Коммунистический Интернационал Молодёжи (Kommunisticheskiy Internatsional Molodyozhi) meaning "Young Communist International".
Added 8/20/2016 by LMS
Edited 5/23/2018 by Lucille, Sofia and LMS

Kim 3
not set
Gender Feminine & Masculine
Scripts קים(Hebrew)
Pronounced Pron. KEEM  [key]

Meaning & History

From Aramaic origin, derived from the Hebrew word קיים (kayam) which means "exists".
Added 9/14/2017 by anonymous

Kim 4
3. usages AND description are verified
Gender Masculine
Usage Mormon

Meaning & History

Jaredite king and son of Morianton.
Added 5/21/2018 by LMS

Kim 5
not set
Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Khmer
Scripts គឹម(Khmer)
Pronounced Pron. KIM  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Possibly derived from Chinese 金 (jīn) meaning "gold, metal, money".
Added 8/21/2023 by anonymous

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