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There's also Kimbal Musk, brother of entrepreneur and SpaceX founder Elon Musk.
Brionne  3/21/2019
The 'ball' part just doesn't sound good with the name Kim. It doesn't roll of the tongue, kind of like how Belphoebe or Tallulah doesn't sound right when you say it. I don't like this name one bit.
Azifa  12/12/2018
I never got why Kim and Kimball sounded so “feminine”. I like these names on a boy and they sound more appropriate on males, much like Morgan, Chris, Pat, Taylor and Kelly. Honestly, I’d rather use Berrie or Berry for Kimberley over the overused Kim.
DanielRivera  3/16/2018
I've heard it used for girls too. Motion to make it unisex?
Salt Water Taffy  2/22/2017
Doesn't sound right to give this name to a boy, especially since the nickname Kim is rather feminine. Seems more like surname material.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2015
On the TV show "The Mentalist" one of the characters is called Kimball.
Koezh  6/25/2010
A variant, probably feminine spelling, is Kimble.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2007
KIMBAL spelt with one "L" may be a derivative of the spelling KimbaLL ( Surname common in USA ). My name is KimbaL and until recently in 2006 I was the only person known anywhere by that name. I live and was born in Australia. The name did not exist in any known book of name meanings. My mother named me in 1958 after Rudyard Kippling's book 'KIM' about a Boy who lived in india and who rode an elephant. It has been said to me that it's the male version of Kimberly. Kim being the shortened name for both Kimberly and Kimbal. Confusion of the name KIM being either male or female whilst younger - has now led me to favour the use of Kimbal as I have become older.

Everyone who asked me about the origin of my name, said it was definitely different and unique in origin, being a name they have never heard of before.

The meaning I now have for KIMBAL, has come from a recent psychic dream. I have been told from spirits that the name is 2 syllables 'KIM' and 'BAL'. 'Bal' is the Cannanite word meaning 'Lord' or 'Bel' ( Babaylonian). BaalBek is the ancient temple site of Bal. Kim is the Hindu word and possibly the older Sanskrit for 'keeper of knowledge'. A 'KIM BAL' is a "Lord & Keeper of Knowledge'. Interestingly I have been a keeper of books and occultic works. I have also been seen by others as a person who has a great knowledge on many various subjects.
kimlyn  10/6/2006
The site says this name is masculine, but I've never seen it used on a male. I have, however, heard it used for females several times. Perhaps it should be updated so that people know it is ambiguous.
black_lace  5/30/2006

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