I really like this name! It is really nice and for an awesome person. All Kimberley's I know are funny, though in general, I would recommend, if you are deciding on a name, choosing one because it makes you smile every time you say it (not because someone you don't like has the same name or any other reason like that). Names are something special, but no matter which one you decide on your child is going to be who they truly are inside!
This is James Corden’s middle name.
Awfully childish sounding and this spelling looks weird.
I had an annoying acquaintance in high school with this name. Then the Karadashians came along and ruined it for me forever.
It's a preppy name I think, very American girly girl name. And it's the original spelling, not KIMBERLY, so I think it's better and looks complete for me. The name means "from the wood of the royal forest".
This name sounds like it's for a typical American blonde girl, but it's nice.
I think this name is so classy and elegant and very sweet. I don't know, but I just imagine a tall girl with pale skin and blonde curls with a floral dress.
A Kimberley is usually a stunning, hilarious, sweet person who loves her friends and family unconditionally. She wishes to please everyone however, if you ever hurt her friends or family she will turn into a force to be reckoned with. She will protect her loved ones at any cost, so never come between her and someone she cares about or she will make sure you regret it deeply. Although even if she is put down or bullied she never gives up. Negative comments or mean words give her an astonishing amount of determination to prove her haters wrong. She forgives easily and loves deeply. You should never hurt or humiliate her as she takes everything to heart. She deserves to be treated as if she was royalty. If you know a Kimberley, you are extremely lucky. She will stick by you through thick and thin. She will always love you and she gives great advice. Kimberley also possesses amazing listening abilities and is an amazing asset to anyone's life.
My name is Kimberley, I was named after a second world war destroyer the HMS Kimberley. Most people call me Kim. Kimmy is another one people try to call me but I detest it. As my middle name is Anne my close family also call me Kimbo-anna or just Kimbo.
The name Kimberley was given to 54 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
My name is a variation on this, but spelt Kymberley to honor my grandmother Kym. It's a pretty rare spelling, and I'm always correcting people with the y, but most include the e, which was actually put in by my Dad, because he didn't like Kymberly. Kim is pretty common in Australia (it's my best friend's name!), but there aren't many Kimberleys. I've met one other Kimberley, who was three years below me in school, but none spelt Kymberley.

I love my name. It's unique without being weird (Kimberleigh, I think not!) and it ages well. I won't be ashamed in my old age as I would be with Tiffany or Ashley (no offence to anyone out there). My friend goes by Kimmy, but I've always hated that nickname, so Kym or Kymberley in public and I get Kymber at home.

The Kimberley is also a beautiful region in Northern Australia which I've had the privilege to visit. Like my name, it is unique and a beautiful part of the country. Seriously, go there and you won't be sorry :)
My name is Kimberley and I really like it and I think it's a shame you do not hear names like this one anymore. I think Kimberley is one of those names that can suit a child, teen or an adult and it sounds feminine and elegant too.
I'll never be quite sure why; but I vastly prefer Kimberley to Kimberly. Kimberly looks far too... plain for me, perhaps. Kimberley comes easier to me.
Kimberley is also a village in Nottinghamshire in England, with a mention in the Domesday Book, and another village in Norfolk. The ten places called Kimberly in the US might account for that spelling being more common in the States.
Kim Deal (Kimberley) is a musician famous for playing in the influential indie rock band Pixies (bass guitar, vocals). She is also one of the founding members of the band The Breeders, in which she has the roles of guitarist / lead singer, which she formed with her twin sister Kelley Deal.
Kimberley is the name of an area in South Africa where diamonds are mined. The rock diamonds come from is called Kimberlite, and is named for this place. This is my older sister's name also. She was named this because of the name's connection with diamonds. I rather like the name and it suits my sister well. I like it much better than my name (Amanda) or my other sister's name (Robyn). This spelling is also prettier than the traditional Kimberly.
Another famous bearer is Kimberley Walsh, one fifth of British girl band Girls' Aloud.
A famous bearer of this name is the popular British actress Kimberley Metcalfe.
This is the name I will pick when I have a daughter. It's a beautiful name. Famous Kimberleys are: Kimberley Davies (actress), Kimberley Appleton (singer, Mel & Kim), Kim Metcalf (actress) just to name a few. However I am not keen on the shortened version of Kim.

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