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Wow... My name is Kimberlyn... The comments are so... Well I'm just going to say... Your perception of this name is none of my business... # I LOVE MY NAME!
Kimberlyn meaning:

*From the royal fortress meadow
*Leader of the warriors.
Kimberlyn78  4/16/2018
My goodness! My name is Kimberlyn and I am very happy with it. Everyone I have met loves my name and I do too. I don't have to have the same name as everybody in my whole school. In fact I have met 1 Kimberlyn and she was wonderful. I am very unhappy with all of the hate comments. Y'all have nothing better to do then sit around and talk about how bad these names are. My parents wanted something new and unique, not something old and boring.
bobgiraffe13  4/20/2017
The name Kimberlyn was given to 86 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
My daughter's name is KYMBERLYN spelled with a "y" and I think it is an absolutely cute name. I don't understand why some of you would be so rude about a name just because you don't like it.
― Anonymous User  11/4/2015
While I agree lyn/lynn names are trendy, given this is a derivative of a name that already ends with y, not everyone is trying to be "trendy" when using it but rather limited with options in adding to it. Personally I LOVE LOVE LOVE this name. I chose to give it to my daughter (not to be cool or trendy) but in honor of my mother (her grandmother) who passed away who was named Kimberly. I wanted my daughter to be able to have her own identity however, so I decided to add the n to make it her own. This way it is in remembrance but also unique for her.
We currently live in the south and I love hearing it with the slight southern accent when people say it here. It's so sweet. Everyone absolutely loves it too and always says how beautiful and unique it. Usually older (generally white) folks tend to not hear the n and call her Kimberly which also makes me smile because that is who she is named after, and I don't bother to correct them. I am sure it could get annoying for her to correct people once she's older but I hope that she finds the grace in the basis of her namesake to not get upset.
met163  6/28/2015
Well don't we have some opinionated people here! Coming from a Kimberlynn I would like to say it's quite sad to see that people can be rudely opinionated SO easily. How would you like it if you looked up your name and you mostly see mean comments? I love my name very much so I would advise you to stop because you're not helping anyone and you're making yourself look like a bad person.
KimberlynnM.  6/15/2015
My name is Kimberlyn and I love it because it's unique, beautiful and sweet, and I love my name because no one else has it. For all the people who are saying negative things about the name Kimberlyn I don't care that no one thinks my name is beautiful, and it represents me.
ps If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.
Bdayseptember11  1/5/2015
Wow... some people always have to complain. Coming from a 28 year old Kimberlyn it's amusing to read these comments. For those who think it's too girly or young, it's a lot better than being named Kimberly Lyn(n). Anyone named Kimberlyn knows it's not, it's actually quite professional sounding. My best friends have always called me Kimie (no that's not a mistaken spelling either) but I go by Kimberlyn for work purposes and it's always received well. Lastly, I'm not close to being a snob and graduated as valedictorian of my senior class. So to those who think it's for some unintelligent fool, think again and stop making assumptions of people you don't know. My name (first and middle) come from family names and the fact that my mother always liked Kimberly but didn't want to name me that. I went to school with a Kimberly Lyn and I much prefer mine.
kimberlyn.r  4/22/2014
Sounds way too girly to me. The "lyn" part at the end is unnecessary, I don't really like Kimberly though either even though it's my godmother's name. I don't like Kim either. I don't know, just not my cup of tea.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2014
I named by daughter Kimberlin. We chose this name because it is my mother's maiden name--my grandparents' last name is Kimberlin. We did not just stick the ending "lin" to Kimberly as some people have commented. I always wanted to have a daughter named Kimberlin; it has nothing to do with the "lyn" trend. Since Kimberlin is a family name, it has great meaning to me. I also think it is very unique, elegant, and pretty. I am proud of her name!
― Anonymous User  1/31/2014
What rude comments! This is my name and I love it! I'm 20 years old and my mom didn't name me this because of the weird baby name trend. She got it from Kimberlin Brown, the soap opera star. I think this name is very beautiful and unique. Like Amberlin and Gracelyn. Lynn adds character to a name. I'm a smart and unique individual. So I think this name deserves its recognition.
kimberlyn13  10/1/2013
I don't think the names Priscilla and Francesca are "pompous" at all!
― Anonymous User  4/18/2013
Oh, gross. Why do parents have to stick -lyn on the end of every other female name? This name is incredibly youthful, and it won't fit an intelligent and serious woman, or any other type of woman, for that matter. I actually think this name sounds masculine. Kimberly is a LOT better.
Black_X  10/9/2011
That is my name, and I am VERY happy with it. I am a great, smart individual. I am only 14 and I am very appalled seeing the nasty things people have written. I have not yet in my life met another Kimberlyn, but I'm sure they are wonderful!
kimmikutie  1/18/2011
Is this a joke? I sure hope I never meet anyone with this name.
Alora  4/4/2010
I like the name. I have a 13 year old cousin with it and she seems to really like it. Plus, the nickname Kimmy/Kimmie is adorable.
Piccadilly  2/23/2010
Wow. Some of you people saying harsh things about this name really have no clue. My daughter (who will be four in July 2009) is named Kimberlynn (two N's). I am deeply offended by the jerk who claimed that I am rich pompous snob. That can not be further from the truth. Now, as to why we chose Kimberlynn for a name. Well, when it came to baby names, I liked "Kimberly" but my wife said "that's too common, so many girls are named Kimberly." We wanted something a little different, but not SO different that it would traumatize her for life. So she added two N's and we got KimberlyNN. I liked it. I still do. And it does not sound "snobby" or "pompous" at ALL. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did that to my child. It's a cute name and if you do enough research it actually does mean something. It fits my daughter well and her personality and all her teachers at preschool think so as well. I like having a child who doesn't share the same name with 5 others in her class. It is NOT snobby. I didn't name her "Muffin," "Candy," "Priscilla," "Kitten," "MoonFlower," "Sunshine," "Porcha," "Angellica," "Angel," "Rosebud," "Francesca," "Ava", or "Tigerlily." Now THOSE are "rich snob" sounding names to me.
keving79  6/14/2009
What is up with this name? Anything with -lyn at the end is too trendy and will usually not age very well. It also sounds like something people with more money than sense would name their daughter.
bananarama  10/6/2008
Seriously though, this "-lyn" trend is truly out of hand and it is truly growing old. As if Kimberly were not enough, now there has to be "-yn" to the end of every female name?! I cannot believe how deluded that parents are that they create these frivolous, undignified horrors for their little girls, all just to be "unique"?! What about dignity? What about actually learning a name that actually means something and actually fits throughout life?
gaelruadh19  1/27/2007
I've also seen it spelled Kimberlin. This is a very pretty name, in my opinion.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2006
I think this name is a great alternative to Kimberly. I am surprised it isn't used more with Katelyn being so popular. It is a pretty name.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
I've never heard this name before, but I like it, it's sweet. But then again I like anything with Lyn added to the end of it.
KatrinaLee  1/10/2006

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