Not feminine at all!
Stars123457  4/13/2021
This is originally a Sanskrit noun meaning ‘ray of sunlight’ and is a masculine noun in Sanskrit so should really be a boy’s name.
RKC  8/17/2020
― Anonymous User  12/12/2018
My name is Kiran and quite frankly, I think it is an amazing name. Technically it can be a girl and boy's name, but I am a girl and I think it is a great name for a girl. It is an incredible name, and also very unique. I hope more people call their daughter's Kiran because it is a beautiful name.
kurikiran  1/16/2017
We named our son Kiran - we loved both the name and it's meaning - I have to add that the name Kieran is Irish and not connected in anyway to the name Kiran. We hoped when we named him that he would be the only Kiran in the school - which he was and still is even though he has moved up to a school with over 800 pupils. Unfortunately we hadn't anticipated the popularity of the name Kieran, there were three Kierans (in some form of spelling or other) in his class alone!
SunbeamsandRainbows  10/29/2016
Kiran is not pronounced like the boy name Kieran (KEER-ən). The Sanskrit name Kiran is pronounced like 'Kir-ən' (the letter i' sounding like the 'i' in the word 'mint'). The 'i' in Kiran does not have a long 'EE' sound whereas the different origin name Kieran does.
― Anonymous User  4/19/2015
Kiran is the name of a character from the webcomic Chirault (
ComradeJocasta  10/15/2014
This name is also used in Pakistan!
EkiAku  5/20/2014
I agree with the user 'EkiAku'; the usage of the name Kiran isn't just Indian, it's also used in Pakistan. Kiran is written as 'کرن'. [noted -ed]

I'm personally not a fan of the name Kiran at all, though I do believe this name is only good for girls; I personally find this name quite ridiculous for a boy to have as this name is commonly used for girls!
― Anonymous User  4/19/2015
This is part of the given name of Indian actor Uday Kiran (translates to 'rays of the morning'). Also, there is a film production house known as Usha Kiran or Usha Kiron (which translates as 'rays of dawn').

The Indian variant is pronounced ki-RUN.
Mautam  1/8/2014
I think it's worth stating it as an alternate spelling of 'Kieran', the male name. Being so much more used to that name, it's hard to imagine it as a female name, but maybe they're pronounced differently.
SilveryRow  8/25/2013
I have a friend named Kiran, but people (mainly teachers) have been calling her Karen for so long (misreading it as Karin), she jut has everyone outside of her family call her Karen. Personally, I think she should appreciate her name more, because it is beautiful.
erb816  6/15/2008
Kiran Hayes is one of the all-powerful Billings Girls in the first four novels in Kate Brian's Private series.
― Anonymous User  12/27/2007
The Indian-born novelist Kiran Desai became the youngest woman to win the Man Booker literature prize with her second novel, The Inheritance of Loss, in 2006.
KateB  12/7/2007
Kelli Williams & Ajay Sahgal have a son Kiran Sahgal, he was born in May 1998.
Maggie_Simpson  10/7/2007
Famous bearer: Kiran Chetry. Mrs. Chetry is a FOX NEWS anchor.
Pheadirean  6/4/2006
It's my second name, and definitely (also) an Indian boys name. I don't really like it, honestly.
RKS  4/30/2006
Kiran Shaw is a scale double in The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Peter Jackson, not those awful animated ones where Gollum looks like a frog) and is also the queen's servant in The Chronicles of Narnia movie.
ringer007  1/29/2006
I think this name is an absolutely unique and special name. It's a female's name, sorry men. ;)
faye_muse  11/7/2005

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