My name is not ghetto it's beautiful. These comments are inappropriate and racist! I'm an educated successful woman and I'm also a Christian. From the sounds of theses comments I'm not dealing with like minds so I don't expect like comments. My name is a variation of the name Keziah which is Bibiical... The Daughter of Job! Any name can have people that represent it that are not like us. Your name could be Mary, who was the mother of Jesus, and still live up to the stereotype you have put on my name! Signed... Proud to be Lakisha.
kishadarmein  11/10/2019
I love the name Kisha. So I named my daughter Kisha. I have always been told, "That's a pretty and unique name." I also have a unique and pretty name, Sheila. If you don't like our names, then don't associate with us, because everything isn't in a name. It's the kind of person you are inside, that matters.
― Anonymous User  5/14/2016
Beautiful name.
kay81  2/12/2015
It sounds youthful and tacky.
slight night shiver  4/26/2008

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