Dr. Kjell Norwood Lindgren is a current NASA astronaut. He was selected in June 2009 as a member of the NASA Astronaut Group 20. He launched to the ISS as part of Expedition 44/45 on July 22, 2015.
Kjell was a popular name in Norway in the mid-1900s. It ranked at #3 in 1930 (behind Arne and Odd), #2 in 1935 (behind Arne), #3 in 1940 (behind Jan and Per), #4 in 1945 (behind Jan, Per and Bjørn), #5 in 1950 (behind Jan, Per, Bjørn and Svein), #4 in 1955 (behind Jan, Per and Bjørn), #6 in 1960, #8 in 1965, and was out of the top 10 by 1970.
Met a girl called Kjell. She most likely named herself Kjell, as the swedish government don't allow male names to be given to girls and visa versa. It was just really weird having to call her Kjell. Not just because it's a boy's name but it's not even that nice to begin with.
This name sounds quite nice. It sounds much better than Kettil in my opinion.
There also exists the name Kjelle, which might be a variant spelling of Kjell (possibly influenced by names like Jelle).
Kjell is pronounced "SHELL" in Swedish. [noted -ed]
Kjell is pronounced somewhat like the "chell" in Michelle.

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