Also Maltese:
It's an alright, sturdy and proper name. It's a classic.
Use. Clara. Now.
Klara is the name of one of the rivals from Pokemon Sword. She is encountered in the Isle of Armor expansion. She is a Poison-type Trainer.
Also Estonian:
Klara is also Bulgarian, Lithuanian, and Estonian. The name day for Klara in Lithuania is August 11.

Scripts: Клара (Bulgarian)
Klara Söderberg is the guitarist and singer for the Swedish band First Aid Kit.
Klara looks better than Clara in my opinion. Clara just doesn't look as good on paper.
Klara with a K looks harsh. Prefer it with a K.
Breton and Bulgarian form of Clara.
Klara Wischer is an Australian professional basketball player for the Joondalup Wolves of the State Basketball League. She spent four years playing college basketball in the United States before returning to Australia and having a two-year stint with the Hobart Chargers of the South East Australian Basketball League. Her form in the SEABL earned her a contract with the WNBL's Perth Lynx for the 2015–16 season.
Klara Lidén is a contemporary artist. She currently lives and works in Berlin and New York City. Lidén is known for her installations and videos that respond to specific architectural environments.
Klara Hitler was the mother of German politician and leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler. Born in the Austrian village of Spital, Weitra, Waldviertel, her father was Johann Baptist Pölzl and her mother was Johanna Hiedler. Klara came from old peasant stock, was hard-working, energetic, pious, and conscientious. According to the family physician, Dr. Eduard Bloch, she was a very quiet, sweet, and affectionate woman.
Klara Svensson is a Swedish professional boxer. She held the WBC interim light-welterweight title from 2014 to 2015, the WBC interim welterweight title from 2016 to February 2017, and challenged for the undisputed welterweight title in the same month. As an amateur she is a five-time Swedish national champion, a two-time medalist at the European Championships and a three-time medalist at the World Championships, all in the light-welterweight division.
Klara Yefimovna Berkovich is a Jewish Soviet and American violinist and master violin teacher who divided her career between the Soviet Union and the United States. Klara Berkovich was born in Odessa, Ukraine, the only child of Yefim Josefovich Gordion, a machinist, and Adele Raphaelovna Tesler, a teacher of Russian language and literature. A cosmopolitan city, Odessa was becoming a hotbed of Soviet violinists, thanks largely to Pyotr Stolyarsky and his disciples, who perfected a pedagogical method for teaching children from ages as young as four. Nathan Milstein, David Oistrakh, Boris Goldstein, Elizabeth Gilels, and Mikhail Fikhtengoltz would all emerge from Odessa, along with many others.
Klara Prast is a fictional character, a superheroine that appears in the Marvel Comics Runaways. When the time-displaced Runaways landed in 1907, they meet twelve-year-old Klara, who had to live to serve her abusive middle-aged husband. Klara's ability is to control, or "talk to", plants. Her name is a play on the word chloroplast, relating to her plant powers. When her family discovered her powers, they married her off to someone moving to America, where she ran into the Runaways in 1907, who later brought her back to the present with them. Klara is roughly Molly's age, has jet-black hair twisted in a braid, and gray eyes.
The name is also used in Iceland. [noted -ed]
The name Klara was given to 98 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Klara is also the Georgian form of Clara.

In Georgian, Klara is written as: კლარა.
The proper Latvian spelling is Klāra, not Klara. It's probably best to create a separate entry for the Latvian form. [noted -ed]
We also have this name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Wow. When I hear this name I always think at a very beautiful girl with strikingly blue eyes. It's such a nice name! Hitler's mother is a famous bearer of this name. ;)
Listen to the German pronunciation of Klara here:
Nicknames: Klarka, Klarina, Klarisa, Kaja.
I think this is a really cute spelling!
The Swedish pronunciation is also KLAH-rah.
It is pronounced as KLAH-rah in most countries.
Klara Zetkin initiated the first International Women's Day on 8th March 1911.
A famous bearer is Klara Zetkin, a German communist leader and feminist.

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