I am watching Dr. Stone and one of the female characters is named Kohaku.
In response to a comment over a decade old, Kohaku in Wish was only a female in the English translation. In the original, I believe Kohaku is actually sexless.
コハク is another way to spell Kohaku. It's taken from ニギハヤミ コハクヌシ or Nigihayami Kohakunushi which means God of the swift amber river taken from the name of the male lead: Haku from Spirited Away.
Regarding the usage of Kohaku in Japan, according to the first source below, there were only 7 people (2 こはく, 小白 and 琥珀 & 1 古白) with this name in phone book records, which is 0.00002% of the recorded population in these records.

In the early 1990s, it started to become more often used (by 2003, 21 / 0.016% of boys and 18 / 0.015% of girls have that name), though it was still rare at that point, and before 2002, according to the second source below, the gender of the name tends to be slightly feminine.
Interestingly, none of the Kohakus in the data from 1989-2003 have the kanji used to mean "amber," instead using other kanji that can be made into Kohaku (like 瑚伯, 虎白 and 湖葉玖), but there is one child actress born in 2005 who has the kanji used for this particular meaning (her name is Kohaku Suda / 須田 琥珀), so I think that it was only in the early to mid 2000s that 琥珀 began to catch up.

Sources: and (data on this particular source not a full representation of baby names being chosen in Japan from 1989-2003).
Seems to be a popular name in manga and anime. It's also a character in Kaori Yuki's manga "Grand Guignol Orchestra".
As well as the manga/anime series "Inuyasha," this name is also used in the wonderful anime movie "Spirited Away."
To make girls named Amber happier, Kohaku is used in the manga Wish as a female name of an angel.
Kohaku is also a male name!
I hate how they had to use Kohaku as a guy's name in Inuasha because everyone at my school watches it and (P.S. my name is Amber, I don't live in Japan) I learnt Japanese and learnt my name. I did my school profile in Japanese and ever since people got me to translate it for them they refer to me as "he".
This name is used as Sango's younger brother, Kohaku (of course) in the popular Manga/Anime series "InuYasha".
Kohaku has been used as a masculine name.

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