Ugh, Colleen is so much better.
someone-  3/22/2020
My name is Colleen with a capital C! I HATE this! No offense intended to anyone who has had this version of my name spelled in this manner, but I hate it. And I am a fan of creatively spelling names. Thankfully people don't often spell my name with a K (though they so often do with Catherine, my mum's name, that she has to say "Cathy with a C"), but when they do it really upsets me. More often people spell one L or one E or something. Like I received an email newsletter - when I wrote my name in clear print for their newsletter form and they started the email with "Hey, Kolleen!" and Kolleen just looks bad. Please keep Colleen spelt as it is. Two Ls, two Es, an o, and a CAPITAL C!
C-Ticket  7/23/2011
I think that this is a really bad spelling of a beautiful name. It looks very ugly compared with Colleen.
Kekepania  2/14/2006
Ick, this is not a good spelling of Colleen!
― Anonymous User  2/7/2006

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