I feel safe when I hear the name Kristen. I have a friend named Kristen who has a very warm heart. I will never let go of this name.
Elyllabethannie  10/15/2020
This is my name and I've never liked it. When I was young it was wildly popular so I was always "Kristen 3" or "Kristen O." in class or was forced to use a nickname I felt only my family could use like Kristy and Kris, or, the worst: forced to use a nickname that I'd never been called before and hated, like Chrissy, Kiki, Krista, etc.

Now, even as an adult I hate my name. Even though it is a simple, straight forward name, it seems I'm rarely called by it. People always call me Christine, Christina, Crystal, Kirsten, Keirsten, Christian, and just about any other similar name. When I (gently, politely) correct them, I usually get a wave of a hand and "same difference".

It's frustrating being in a crowd and hearing someone call "Kris!" and being one of 10, males and females, to turn around.

Oh and the spelling. The spellings people come up with. It's probably been spelled wrong by a stranger more times than its been spelled right. Most of the time they write a completely different name like Cristina.

So, of you're considering naming your baby this, please, please think about it first. Go in to coffee shops and restaurants and when they ask your name say "Kristen" then see if they hear it, write it, or say it right. Flip through Facebook and see how many Kristens, Kristin's, Christina's, Christine's, Crystals, etc live near you. Ask people what they envision when they hear the name Kristen or any of it's common nicknames like Kris, Kristy/ie/i, Krissy, etc.
The nicknames for Kristen are generally infantile. Kristy works on a kindergartener, but being a 30-something stuck as Kristy because it's what my family has always called me, makes me feel patronized. Not to mention, with the exception of Miss-Emotionless-Face Stewart, people generally picture a blonde, bubbly, vivacious girl. When you're not that girl, it's hard to live with.

So... Too Long; Didn't Read? I hate my name and it's many nicknames and if you are seriously considering giving your child this name think about it first and do some real-world practicing with it. Please. I beg of you.
― Anonymous User  10/8/2012
My male friend is named Kristen. He goes by Kris.
hayleyskye  1/6/2010
I don't care for this spelling because of a certain Twilight actress that I find to be annoying and nasty.
bananarama  1/2/2010
Kristen Bell is an American actress, currently the star on the TV show Veronica Mars.
― Anonymous User  1/1/2007
Means rose for the Lord.
kthuy04  2/14/2006

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