Christopher just doesn't look good with K.
Ths spelling is better suited for the nickname "Kit" than Christopher is.
Kris sounds like a good nickname.
The name Kristopher was given to 343 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Kristopher are male.
My name is Kristopher. I've always heard of it originating and being used in Germany.
What's wrong with a hard Ch? It's common enough in English that changing it to K can't be justified by claiming the switch was to clarify pronunciation. Christopher is much more sophisticated than Kristopher.
Kristopher Trindl (known by his stage name "Rain Man") is an American electronic dance music producer in Krewella.
I think the name is cute, and the alternative spelling is unique.
Canadian actor Kristopher Turner.
Actor Jean-Claude van Damme and Gladys Portugues have a son Kristopher Van Varenberg, born 1987.
I have seen Kristopher listed as Scandinavian.
One of the characters in Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' novel SHATTERED MIRROR is called Kristopher.
I gave this name to my first son. He is 15 now and likes his name except that he does have it spelt wrong by people often.

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